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This International Date Line crosses the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. Let's assume we left the United States on our last flight to Japan on Sunday and crossed the Pacific Ocean. International Date Line (IDL), also known as the date line, is an imaginary line on the earth's surface that runs from north to south in the Pacific. If you cross the date one day later in a westerly direction, and one day earlier if you cross it in an easterly direction. This International Date Line crosses the Pacific and the Arctic.

Where is the International Date Line?

In the International Date Line there is a "demarcation line" between two successive days. Founded in 1884, the International Date Line crosses the central Pacific and follows a 180 degree north-south line on Earth. It' half way around the globe from the zero-meridian - the zero degree of longitudes built in Greenwich, England, in 1852.

As a " line of demand " between two successive calendars. Crossing the International Date Line turns you into a kind of traveling in and out of our world! Cruise westwards and it is a days later; cruise back and you have "gone back in time". In spite of its name, the International Date Line has no international legislative statute and states are free to select the data they comply with.

The dateline usually stretches from polar to polar regions from northern to southern Europe, while it extends zigzag around border areas such as the Aleutian Islands and Alaska.

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On the other side of the globe, the International Date Line leads to the Prime Meridian (The Prime Meridian runs through Greenwich in London. This divides the East and West hemispheres). Just south of the International Date Line (the date) is always one of the days before the date (or day) immediately to the right of the International Date Line in the western hemisphere.

Humans who cross the line from east to west jump forward one whole afternoon. Anyone who walks from west to east repeats the time. When you have flown from Tonga (on the west side of the International Date Line) to Samoa (on the east side), it will take two hour. Kiribati was once on the east side of the International Date Line, but is now on the west side of the line.

Which ocean crosses the International Date Line?

This International Date Line crosses the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. IDL is a by-product of the choice to have a standardised "global" set of timezones, as distinct from previous, more localised regimes. Since an individual date is by definitions a revolution of the earth, different places on the earth at different hours arrive at their perfect date (midnight).

That also means that at any point the places in the Orient will start their days and the places in the Orient will end their days. That place on the International Date Line. It is not a highly specialised dateline; there is no governance structure that monitors and conciliates its borders, and since it is in one of the less densely settled areas of the world, it does not cause significant commercial or regional tension.

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