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New Zealand International Date Line

Samoa, Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna, Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu and the New Zealand Kermadec and Chatham Islands lie west of IDL and have the same date. (south of the equator) was originally divided by the International Date Line. The New Zealand law must be amended to formalise the amendment. The first country on the west side of the International Date Line where every day begins. Australia and New Zealand, both east of the International Date Line.

New Zealand International Date Line - Fly to New Zealand

At the end of the 1522 trip, to their astonishment, his men came to the Cape Verde Islands near Africa one night later when they had worked out their protocols. International Date Line has been confusing navigation, exploration and daily travelers for almost five hundred years since people first rode the world - don't let it confuse you!

Of course, the International Date Line is not really reality. It' an imagined line that crosses the Pacific Ocean from north to south and defines where a single calendareday ends and the next one begins. The imagined line follows the 180 degree martian, with a few minor detours here and there to make sure that no land in this area is divided into two parts.

When you travel eastwards across the International Date Line, 24h will be deducted from your travel itinerary. When you traverse it, when you go westward, then 24hrs will be added to your timing. For every 15 you pass towards the eastward you deserve one lesson and for every 15 you pass towards the westward you loose one lesson.

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If I was flying out of Auckland NZ on a Friday, I would be in Papeete, Tahiti on Thursday. That would give me an additional bloody Auckland! And Tahiti is 22hrs behind New Zealand. has a very convenient convertor (just in case you want to verify it): I' m going back and forth across the International Date Line several occasions this months before going home.

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Townley is a luxurious lifestyles expert and proprietor of luxurious adventures. Warm weather is from September to April, the hottest period is December to March, so if you are looking for the sand, this is the season for a stop. It is also the most busy period with higher fares in our hotel and lodge facilities and available at extra cost, with Queenstown, Bay of Islands, Nelson, Rotorua and Wanaka being more challenging to arrange if not scheduled in advanced.

It' recommended to consider a low seasons, which are calmer and cheaper, in September/October or April/May. When you are looking for a winter vacation, June/July/August/September is the best period for a stop. During this period the resorts are open in the main islands of Queenstown, Christchurch and Wanaka.

The most international battles reach Auckland, the North Island and Christchurch & Queenstown also have a smaller number of international connections. Flying time from North America is approximately 12 hrs, Europe 24 hrs and Southeast Asia 11 hrs. If you are on international routes, the free amount of hold and carry-on bags on international routes is currently 23 kg and 7 kg, respectively, to prevent additional free bags from being paid.

Fiji to Fiji is a short 3-hour trip, and we are on the same timezone. Your driver's license must be in English or have an authorised translator's license or an international driver's license. We' re on the lefthand side of the street, and most car rentals are automated.

Out of the big towns the streets are relatively calm, but can be small and winding, you should always go to the right place and plan a lot of times to be there. For more information on self-drive vs. self-propelled transfer, see our previous self-driving or transfer section.

The streets are calm outside the large towns of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The Luxury Adventures always offers a route description between the airport and accommodations as well as to and from rendezvous points for your outdoor/activity. The most sought-after self-drive route is the west coast of the South Island or the Glacier Highway, as it is called.

Hokitika or Queenstown are the nearest airport. Between Queenstown and Hokitka the route is 543 km or about 7 hours. This trip takes 3 nights with stations in Hokitika, Franz Josef or Fox Glacier and Wanaka.

It' a wonderful cruise on State Hwy 6, with a view of hills and seas. Most of the visitors are mainly interested in visiting the ice, but at the moment the ice cannot be reached on feet from the Franz or Fox township. There is only one way to reach and trek the glaciers: a small scenic tour including a brief flight by plane to the ice and a 2-hour-hiking.

Working in the luxurious area of the rental property with hand-picked accommodations from $350 - up to over $3,000 per overnight, other considerations are to consider if you want to travel yourself or make personal transfer, the levels and types of experience you want, personal touring, small groups or self-managed.

It is best to talk to one of the teams at Deluxe Adventures about your individual needs to make sure we put together a route that is perfect for your needs and for you. For more information on luxurious holiday budgets, please visit our What?s your trip budget blogs. Here the route is important, there are many thoughts, season, budgeting, schedules, logistics, and more.

Up-to-date, locally available information about lodging, logistical services and new and thrilling adventures is the keys to ensuring that your journey is tailored to your needs and goes smoothly. Just a few short week to see and do as much as possible, we suggest the main places like Queenstown, Rotorua, Taupo, Bay of Islands, Abel Tasman, Fiordland and Hawkes Bay, to name the most loved.

There' are also many gems like Stewart Island at the very bottom of South Island with great bushwalks and strolls along the coast and a slow rhythm of living - "A realistic Kiwi" adventure. Coromandel Peninsula is a popular Kiwi resort with stunning shores - see Cathedral Cove, movie site for Narnia, New Chums Strand, a secluded and unexplored sandy spot that has been chosen as one of the world's best sands.

This picturesque trip around the Karikari-Penninsula, Northland is a real heaven with clear water and clear sands. Just 45 minutes by car from Auckland are the breathtaking, secluded western coastline beach with dark sandy beach and on wheels. There are also great Hillary Trail hikes - 77 km of jungle hiking paths.

Alternatively, Great Barrier Island, a 30 minute drive from the centre of the city of Å uckland by heliport. It is seldom visited by international people.

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