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Ilili Samoa

United States " American Samoa census place " Ili'ili. Ili' ili is located in Other, Samoa. Ili' ili Touring in Western District (American Samoa). Explore Ili'ili with this Location Guide (Western District) in American Samoa. American Samoa map with the borders of Ili'ili.

There is another stinging event - this one in Ili'ili | American Samoa

One 67-year-old Ili'ili was taken to a hospital early Saturday after suffering three puncture marks on her shoulder and back. This wounded lady is living with another older lady and was taken to the emergency doctor at 3a:00 a.m. where she was detained in the emergency room until she was taken to the operation to seal three different sockets.

The Ili' ili woman's mother said her granny had mentally problems and she stung her back and shoulder. Said that the lady who lived with her granddaughter found her granddaughter with a cooking utensil in her hands while she was clothed in bloody water.

Three different, supposedly stinging cases are currently before the Supreme Court. Symee Pulou was apprehended and indicted last months for bodily injury and first-degree theft. They say he stabbed his friend in the breast. "He had bought three large bottle of beers and eaten them in his home the day of the cut.

When he was in his home to drink, he came up with a scheme to kill his girlfriend," the administration said. It is claimed that the accused went to the victim's home, burglarized, stabbed her in the breast with his penknife and then escaped. A further stinging episode has resulted in murders of Michael Schuster, 21, in conjunction with the violent killing of a 23-year-old Savaii man whose corpse was later found in Vailoa with five puncture marks to his breast.

In the third case, Nicholas Luamanu was arrested for having been charged with first-grade bodily injury, second-grade bodily injury and theft for supposedly stinging a cabbie' s throat and face.

Balding your head to be brave

Tau'ili'ili Alise Faulalo - Stunnenberg had always toyed with the notion that she should cut her head off, but said that she would never find the will power to let go of her vain. Until last weekend this was at the Cancer Society's Shave or Dye it Funraiser in Taumeasina. Talking to the weekend observer, Tau'ili'ili said it wasn't difficult for her to make her choice, and in many ways - it felt free.

"In Samoa, I accept that it is not customary for a woman to do this because it is part of our womanhood, but it did not seem like a biggie. Tau'ili'ili suffered from breastcancer almost three years ago and although it has been several years, she cannot talk about her without her eye watering with teardrops at the thought of her not being.

The first time she enrolled in the Cancer Association's cancer initiative and since then has collected over $5000, she promised $3000. Tau'ili'ili finds it difficult to talk about her sibling at first, but when she pointed out how important it was for the Samoa Cancer Association to pursue its educational programs and enhance pediatric nursing, she showed that the reminiscences of the last three month of her sister's lifetime made her sad and sore.

The absence of communications and ressources as well as the wrong hopes of the health personnel in the hospitals resulted in a number of incidents in which Tau'ili'ili felt powerless to help her brother, daughter, niece as well as her sibling. This was a hard period for Tau'ili'ili and her whole household after her sister's murder and she was wounded and furious about the conditions that caused her deaths.

Before she could find rest and regain her empowerment, it would take a while, beginning with another crises that struck her home last year, with confidence in the infirm. When she realized that she could not alter a diagnostic, Tau'ili'ili saw that she had to concentrate on the essential in order to regain her empowerment.

Tau'ili'ili says she is almost ashamed when folks call her a Heroine when they hear she cut all her head off to create cash and consciousness for cancers. "It was embarrassing for me to be named a superhero - I certainly didn't really felt like one, because it was a selection for me.

Mourning has no time line and it will be a long time before Tau'ili'ili can think of her brother without a little sickness. However, she will go on this new way, in a life without her sisters and her beloved ones, with hopes in her crotch and a daring, bare tread.

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