Hotel Royal Huahine is only accessible by boat and has a private beach, outdoor pool, restaurant and bar. Receive the Huahine weather forecast. Choose experts for your Huahine vacation, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, top attractions and more. The Huahine consists of two islands, Huahine Nui and Huahine-Iti, which are connected by a bridge. Some other articles discussing Huahine:

Mayai Lapita Village Huahine | About Huahine Island

Huahine is only a brief fly from Tahiti and only 20 min from Bora Bora. You will be captivated by this historic isle, its extraordinary underwater world, its thick lush greenery, the many trips and the cordial welcome of its people. Enthusiastic travelers and discoverers in their quest for an genuine paradise on the islands will find what they are looking for here.

The Huahine consists of two islets, divided by a mountain passport and linked by the Maroe arch. The Huahine is 12 km broad and 17 km long, and the two isles have a combined inhabitation of 6,400 inhabitants. It is possible to cycle around the archipelago, even if the route seems long and hard.

Hua hine really is a perfect place. Please take a few moments and have a look at our picture galery to see the splendour of this isle. Lapita are connected to the Austronesians from Southeast Asia, who emerged around 2000 BC on the Melanesian Isles (Bismarck). Lapita were great sailors.

In fact, they captured Oceania from Melanesia to Polynesia and confronted the open sea in large, outriggered sailboats. Establishing an extensive sea trading and culture exchange networks, they shared from islands to islands their know-how, fisheries skills, farming technologies, goods, wildlife and plant life, ceramics..... Lapita were the Polynesian forefathers.

They were the seafarers who spread all over Micronesia (Mariana Islands and Marshall Islands....) and Melanesia (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands...) and reached West Polynesia (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa) between 1600 and 1000 BC. Polynesia was settled a hundred years later, among them the Cook Islands, the Marquesas and the Society Islands.

From these island groups the Easter Island, New Zealand and the hawaiian archipelago were settled. Hierarchic societal structure corresponding to the Lapita civilization finally evolved into a true classical community of monarchs and highpriests.

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