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Arrival to Easter Island

Explore our website for luxurious travel ideas and holiday inspiration. It is your chance to walk on one of the most remote inhabited islands. Journey to Easter Island and explore the amazing Maoi statues. It is a fantastic destination all year round, our travel history to Easter Island.

With a budget, how do you travel to Easter Island? $185pp for 7D6N

To go to Easter Island is a nightmare for many, even for me, if we want to learn more about this amazing old civilisation and see the mystic Moai-statures. Since my husband and I both resigned from our job to take an extensive one year journey with Ibiza, we had to consider how we could travel to Easter Island on a reasonable price when we planned our South America-journey.

Seeing the moai on Easter Island is a real vision. We were told it was an overpriced place before we went to Easter Island. The Easter Island is one of the most secluded places in the world. The nearest island is 2081 km away. Nearly all necessities of life and groceries had to be brought in and that's why everything on Easter Island is so pricey, but we still want to go to Easter Island on a reasonable price.

It is difficult to believe that there is no other island/country within 2000km. Some inevitable fees/costs apply on Easter Island. This includes the high national park charge and the airfare to Easter Island. To travel to Easter Island on a reasonable price, we had to make savings in other places.

Here is the break-down of how we spend a grand amount of 250,000CLP ($370 USD) for seven consecutive 7-day 6-night periods. Included in the price are meals, transportation and admission to the National Parks. I' m glad that we included Easter Island (Rapa Nui) in our one year trip. Easter Island flights:

As a rule, the best value for money is a round trip from Santiago in Chile. Usually the fare is $500 US, but you will have to await the occasional fare for the best fare. The Easter Island trips are very much appreciated, the Easter Island trips were full for us.

On the way to Easter Island there was a pair that couldn't even be sitting next to each other. You can also buy Easter Island ticket reservations for the Easter Island (more information). At first I thought that the airplane taking us to such a secluded island would be a shit, but it ended up being one of the most advanced airplanes we were on.

We even had scrambled egg for breakfasts.... in contrast to a few cookies for dinner or a cup of coffee on other Lan Airline services. Perhaps you have been reading that the National Parks ticketing may be preventable for a certain amount of years due to changes in the island's government. Sadly, this is all over now and the parkrangers have checked our passes on a regular basis throughout the island and refused access to the best seats if you don't have a pass.

There is a wood cabin to buy a Rapa Nui National Park pass as soon as you leave the aircraft. These costs were the highest on our Easter Island journey next to the lodging. The LAN Airline lands on Easter Island. The Easter Island is the first to be declared a UNESCO declared UNESCO Cultural Patrimony.

The majority of the Pacific part of the Pacific cultural inheritance is intangible, only Easter Island has this wonderful and worth protecting Moai state. A third of the island is now part of the national reserve and once you are in the national reserve, the guards will come and ask if you have a permit when you go past them.

Our campskeeper says the ranger only controls the Rano Raraku and St. Orongo mines. But the parking attendants checked the parking passes in other places like the Tongariki area. We were denied access to Tongariki to a young woman who shared a vehicle with us because she did not have a national parking permit.

It is a very clever plan to buy this National Park tickets now, otherwise you will miss some very important places on Easter Island. You can still buy the tickets at the outside offices near the beginning of the walk to Orongo if you have not bought them at the Aiport.

That'?s the National Park ticket. The lodging on Easter Island is definitely a big effort. Normally a regular room can be up to $80 to $100 dollars. This room was 25000 CLP ($37 USD) for us, but I thought the room price had already gone up.

Originally I wanted to cut costs and remain in the marquees, but in the end I decided on the more comfy one. As a matter of fact, many blogs have said during our research that this is the best choice if you want to travel to Easter Island on a reasonable price and not sleeping in a canvas.

This is because we decided on Camping Tipanie Moana because the Trip Advisor review was very good and everyone said that the cleanness is great (which it was). If you wear this floral chain you really notice that you are on an island. Arriving at the campsite, she also told us what to see on the island and how long it would take us to go and hike in each place.

Easter Island's entire area is very small. There are only 24 islands in all. The journey from one end of the island to the other takes less than 1 hour. You can explore the island by road, motorcycle, bicycle or just on foot. We' ve never really taken a cab, but according to our travel guides they are about $4USD to go anywhere in the city.

From one side of the island to the other, it can be about $30US. Rent a car: It is worth renting a vehicle if you have up to three or four persons on the island. To drive a vehicle to explore the island is the most convenient option, as the temperature and air moisture are inexorable.

So, if you want to travel to Easter Island on a low price and rent a vehicle, you should probably get to know how to ride a hand held vehicle or someone who does. Hazards that you must be mindful of when riding on Easter Island. A further point to note is that there is no insurer on Easter Island, so you would have to bear the full costs if you had broken the wreck.

Don't be too worried, because it is quite hard to get into some form of crash on Easter Island, as there are not many vehicles out there. When you consider that Easter Island is so insulated and most foods are brought from Chile, the cost of the meal is very high.

So when you say that the price of groceries is similar to that in Australia, you don't have to be worried about short-term travellers. We have to be more cautious for those like us who want to travel to Easter Island on a reasonable price. As a rule, the price of fruit and vegetable is 2-5 time higher than on the Chilean continent.

Tinned and pre-packaged foods are about 2-3x. Here are some samples of the costs of foods when we were there in 2016/03. 6 ANGELS for 1200 CLP, very inexpensive and very crisp, but I think it's one of the few things they make on the island.

There' so many free stray chickens on the island... And we were very struck that they exist on an island so far away. The costs will quickly accumulate. A further remarkable point is that the whole island is surrounded by guavas bush. We saw many of these plants one time when we were walking 20 km to see two cavelets.

Guavenjagd on our 20 km long hiking tour to the Lavahöhlen. We' ve only taken minimum amounts of meal to Easter Island. We had many indications that we could not deliver clean foods to Easter Island and we have seen this in our travelogue. In fact, the US man we used to share the vehicle with took a whole pocket full of orange juice to Easter Island.

This is a guideline for what to do on Easter Island, building on our experience. Having explored this place, I think that 5 working hours are enough to get to know the island thoroughly. Even though we stayed 7 nights and 6 nights on Easter Island, we recovered a little.

The most important place on the island. It' the stone pit for all the moai minds on the island. The price of the National Park tickets was very high. It' the most important place on the island. It' the stone pit for all the moai minds on the island. On the grounds of the stone pit you can see many incomplete Moai-statures.

It' s the very well known series of giant moai head, where many journals are used to depict Easter Island. The few Maoi headmen still wear their scarlet cairns. Most of you don't know that the Moai's caps are all still there. This is not a very thrilling place, as these Moai sculptures are much smaller than those of Ahu Tongariki from here you can run to the lava caverns for half an hours or come here on another date.

In order for Easter Island to have a minimum amount of easter lagoon from Chile, Easter Island has a little confused area. This is another kind of memento of Easter Island: We came to the postal service especially for this stmp. The ascent of this inert vulcano is 300 meters.

The overall walking route is 6 km (approx. 5 hours for a round trip). This viewpoint is the most specific on the island. So I suggest that it is prudent to just go forward if you have a small fund. Caves: When you enter the northwest side of the island, you can see some caves.

The Park Russians checked our National Park passes on the way. Another of the other renowned karst caverns is further upstate. Here are the images of the two more renowned caverns. All in all we ran 20 km on this particular outing. There will be parkangers near the entry, but from there it is only about 2 km to the Lavahöhle.

At first I was scared to go to these cave, but the landscape on the other side is very worthwhile. You will find many great dive places around Easter Island. On one of these pages you could see a perfect placed Maoi head on the floor. However, since we have a clear financial plan, we decided to override that.

There' s Moai EVERYWHERE! But how do you get to Easter Island on a reasonable price? Complete editions of our Easter Island trip: I' d never thought we could afford to waste so little on Easter Island. Though our dinner was great, but we made it! We' re on a Budget to Easter Island.

For seven or six consecutive 7 and 6 night stays, our overall effort is only $370 US dollars. The way we have checked our budget on Easter Island is: we share our hire costs with two other persons and we have only rented them for one of them. Out of Santiago we bought some cheap meals and we avoid buying too many new products.

Hopefully we have let everyone see that Easter Island is not just about these Moai Heads! This is our route and our seven-day stop on Easter Island. It didn't seem like we were missing anything, and we definitely went to Easter Island on a budget.

We hope this piece will be useful for your Easter Island plans in the nearhood. There is another story I can write to describe Easter Island in more detail. The next stop is the island of Galapagos! ?

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