How to get to Vanuatu from Australia

What is the best way to get to Vanuatu from Australia?

We offer weekend flights from Sydney, Australia to Vanuatu. Has Air Vanuatu online check-in? What is the duration of the flight between Australia and Vanuatu?

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Mele Cascades is one of the most scenic falls in Vanuatu. Here the cruisers moor and the Mele Cascades is the most favourite place for daily excursions. There are many group trips to chose from, but it is possible to do the walk without a tour leader. For more information about the Vanuatu story and indigenous tradition, a tour of the National Museum will not let you down.

45 min from Luganville is the Millennium Cape. It is the biggest cavern in Vanuatu and is considered one of the best activities in Santo. Whilst the local people had known the caves for many years, it only became a touristic destination in 1997. Today it's only half the pleasure to get to the caves.

Walk through the jungles, across bridge of trees and walk past cascading rocks before reaching the Millennium Cave. SS President Coolidge is one of the most spectacular shipwreck diving in Vanuatu. During the Second World War, a luxurious cruise vessel that had been obliged to transport forces fell after it hit two US landmines.

Today it is the biggest and most open to the public. Diving starts at 25m from the fore and goes down to 60m to the aft. Diving enthusiasts and lovers of local historical facts will enjoy the Million Dollar Point area. At the end of the Second War, US forces threw more than a million US dollar worth of gear into the ocean.

In order to ensure that the Brits and the French could not use anything after both nations declined to buy the goods from America.

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