How to get to great Barrier Island from Auckland

Where to get from Auckland to Barrier Island?

The best of Great Barrier Island. Pacific - New Zealand - North Island - Auckland; Great Barrier Island Tourism. Check out Great Barrier, one of New Zealand's largest offshore islands. The aircraft take off from various areas, including Auckland and the north coast.

Are you looking for a wilderness hike in Auckland?

The Great Barrier Island: Excursions to Auckland

The Great Barrier is one of New Zealand's biggest off-shore isles and over 60 per cent of them are protected area. The area has various habitat types, among them cauri forests, wetland and mouths, fresh water eco-systems, fjord-like inner ports and prominent coastlines. Aside from the Great Barrier Island school, the island is not suited for daily excursions due to its remoteness on the outskirts of the Hauraki Gulf.

Check out the Great Barrier Island excursion resources. Utilise your pupils to explore Aotea with these funny activitiesheets. Check the responses in the Activitiesheet. Used to order backgrounds on Great Barrier Island: Learn more about LEARNZ Great Barrier Island's educational programme:

The Auckland area of Great Barrier Island

There are also two restrooms, a stove, a water system (stored rooftop hot and cold water) and two decks from which you can admire the Hauraki Gulf, Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) and the summits of the Great Barrier Island. The Mt Heale Hut can be attained in 3 hours - 3 hours 30 minutes by foot over the Windy Canyon and the Palmer's Track, which is attained from the Aotea Road on the top of the Whangapoua Hill.

Adults $15 per person per day; children (5-17 years) $7.50 per person per day; children (under 5 years) free. Backcountry Hut Pass and other DOC passes are not for use on the Mt Heale Hut. Reservations should preferentially be made on-line. Telephone and e-mail reservations are subject to a charge. There is a charge of up to $10 per change for changes and supplements to reservations.

You can book Mt Heale Hut on-line or by contacting us: If you behave messy or indecent (e.g. heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages, obscene speech, noise or riots), you are asked to walk away. It is not allowed to drink or publicly show off alcoholic beverages.

Great Barrier Island's best adventures

Situated in the crystalline water of the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier Island is the perfect excursion from the hectic pace of the Auckland town. With more than 100 km of hiking trails, unspoilt shores, an unbelievable landscape and a constant local community of almost 1000 inhabitants, this island offers the proactive discoverer a whole host of adventures.

Besides sightseeing the beach, the visitor can walk, go diving, surfing, fishing, go biking, kayaking, paddling and even play a game of Golf, which allows an extraordinary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. We' ve put together five of the best out door choices for anyone who visits Great Barrier Island and wish you lots of fun! The breathtaking scenery of Hauraki Gulf Marine Park on Great Barrier Island is best conserved for seakayakers.

Seakayaking around Great Barrier Island is as good as it is for seakayers. This five days excursion offers gold sand and clear water and many indigenous woods, which can be discovered with an expert tour leader and a fully equipped advent. We only offer the highest class singles or twin seakayaks manufactured here in New Zealand.

Includes all Auckland City boat/ferry transfer to and from the barrier, pick up from hotels on demand, campsite, kayak gear, diet waist. We' d be delighted to canoe with you at this one-of-a-kind place and ask you to learn more about our Great Barrier Tour here.

The 25 km long route winds through the island's main mountain area and can be crossed by experienced walkers in three short walking tours. Explore the Kaitoke Hot Springs, Windy Canyon Viewpoint and Kaiara Embankment along the island's main peak. Walking Great Barrier Island. Angling off the Great Barrier Island is like nowhere else; hire a fishboat and work for your supper on the high sea.

Enjoy an unforgetable days angling on the island's famous snappers and see the great Hauraki Gulf Fishes like never before. There are a number of seasoned sailors offering fishermen' charter service and scuba dive for those who want to see the marine life up close. Come and see the marine life in its full glory.

Angling off the island is a great activity for large and small groups and will certainly be an unbelievable fun for everyone. There are also many dive sites with qualified dive instructors for those who want to see the sharks instead of catching them. The Hillary Outdoors Educational Center on Great Barrier Island provides a range of unbelievable outdoors adventures, especially their half and full days climbs, offering precious mountaineering training and an unbelievable view of the cove.

Beginners and advanced climber can take a tour of the rock to admire the magnificent peak. If you are less interested in rock climbs and more interested in the attractions, Hillary's Via Ferrata via ferrata takes you over the summit of the Three Magi and offers a safer and less demanding way to admire the panorama from the top of the uphill.

Bushwalking adventure and cliffy cruises through Hillary are another way to get up-closely on Great Barrier Island and it's definitely rewarding to explore the ups! Aotea Surf School's seasoned surf instructors have been working for four years to provide a unique windsurfing adventure for the Great Barrier Island population.

Skilled instructors provide surfing courses for beginner, expert and expert level, so this is suitable for everyone, no matter how much experience he has had on the beach. If you' re done windsurfing, the views of the sundown from the Great Barrier Island beach are stunning, so just chill out and take in the views.

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