How to get to Gambier Island

Where to get to Gambier Island?

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Hamburg-Iceland to Vancouver - 2 ways by the 257 line coach

Which is the best way from Gambier Island to Vancouver? From Gambier Island to Vancouver the best way is by the 257 line coach, which cost ?2. Which is the best way from Gambier Island to Vancouver? From Gambier Island to Vancouver, the best way is by a 52-minute 257-trip.

Where is it from Gambier Island to Vancouver? Gambier Island is 34 km from Vancouver. So how long does it take from Gambier Island to Vancouver? The drive from Gambier Island to Vancouver lasts about 52 minutes, incl. transfer. Who are the operators of the service between Gambier Island, BC, Canada and Vancouver, BC, Canada?

There''s no one-way link from Gambier Island to Vancouver. You can, however, take the trip to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, then take the 257 line to Eb W Georgia St Ns Granville St. Or you can take the 257 line to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, take the 257 line to Eb W Georgia St Ns Granville St., take the footpath to Vancouver City Centre Station and then take the metro to King Edward Station.

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The Stanley is a 1001 hectare large community garden bordering Vancouver city centre in British Columbia, Canada, almost completely encircled by the Vancouver Harbour and English Bay water. The BC Place is a multi-purpose arena on the northern side of False Creek in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Currently the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League (CFL), Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the yearly Canada Sevens (part of the World Rugby Sevens Series) as well as the BC Sports Hall of Fame are at home here. It was also the capital of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver.

UBC is a publicly funded research college with campus and institutions in British Columbia, Canada. Established in 1908 as McGill College of British Columbia, the College became fully autonomous and took its present name in 1915. The oldest college in British Columbia, it has over 60,000 college graduates in Vancouver and Okanagan Valley.

UBC's 4.02 km2 UBC campsite is situated within the University Endowment Lands, about 10 km western of downtown Vancouver. Okanagan is a 2.09 km2 Okanagan Conservatory, purchased in 2005, situated in Kelowna. Palse Creek is a small bay in the centre of Vancouver. Seperates the inner town from the remainder of the town. Scrieworld is situated at its east end, with the Granville, Cambie, and the Burrard (which is farthest west) Street Bridge over False Creek.

Canada Line Tunnels cross False Creek just off the Cambie Bridge. It' one of the four big waters at the border to Vancouver together with English Bay, Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River. Here you will find all transportation for your journey from Gambier Island to Vancouver.

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