How to get to Chatham Islands

Where do you get to the Chatham Islands?

The Chatham Islands are the only place in New Zealand where it is legal to hunt Weka. Receive answers to your questions about the Chatham Islands. Discover the holidays on the Chatham Islands and discover the best time and places to visit. The Chatham Islands have an oceanic climate characterized by a narrow temperature range and relatively frequent precipitation. Booking your trip with Expedia makes flying to Chatham Island easier than ever.

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The easternmost landscape of New Zealand with about 10 islands and about 600 inhabitants of the two biggest (Chatham and Pitt Islands). These islands are of vulcanic origins and have a jagged and wind-swept view with sensitive environments that can be slightly harmed by the elemental and humankind. A large part of Chatham Island is largely shallow with some small summits in the north west and ascending terrains with high rocks in the south-west and south-east.

Rangoonatira has been described as one of the most important islands for birds in the whole canyon. Hometown of Chatham Island Black Robin, woodcock, prick, Tui, tom-tit, red-capped conure and porcupine, ripfin, seagull, skua and sea swallow with many nests.

Arrival -

The Air Chathams is the only local carrier to fly to the Chatham Islands. Since this is a domestically based New Zealand service, no migration documents are necessary. Getting to the Chatham Islands is as simple as taking a plane from Auckland to Christchurch! Passengers can use the Air New Zealand Inlandterminals for check-in.

Please contact Air New Zealand to find your check-in gates. Since there is no local transportation on the Chathams, you will need to make an arrangement with your host to be met at the international airports. The Chatham Islands Shipping Limited operates every 10-12 working day, but unfortunately cannot accommodate travel.

It transports goods and general goods to and from the islands, and the vessel's landing will create a beehive at the waterfront in Waitangi or on Pitt Island when it arrives there. It is 20 km from Waitangi. They are included in the list on this website.

Guests must rent the transportation to Pitt Island. The journey will take about 20 min. by airplane and 1-2 hrs by boat. The streets of Chatham Island are well developed and well-kept. There' s 12 kilometers of asphalt and 85 kilometers of crushed rock. The Chatham Islanders are kind - so give us a wav.

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