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Hawaiian Airlines is currently the only major airline after American Samoa. When you want to go to the remote islands of Ofu or Ta'u, book a flight in advance and make the trip on the first stage of your journey. For more information on how you can get involved, contact us. Tutuila is the most populous of the islands, with international flights to American Samoa. Nautical borders with Tonga and Samoa have yet to be agreed.

Guidebook to American Samoa - South Pacific Vulcan Islets

Samoa has many demands for glory. Like you would think, such a secluded and distant place should be very special and strange, and that's exactly what a holiday in American Samoa is like. And as a by-product of this singularity, there are also a host of interesting facts and entertainment that you will hopefully want to organise next for a holiday in American Samoa.

One of perhaps the most peculiar characteristics of American Samoa is its policy state. There are many who do not know that American Samoa is not a state. It is not the same as Samoa, an autonomous land with which it has shared its culture and legacy (see next point).

So are American Samoans US people then? Samoa is a US citizen, but is not part of the US, i.e. its people are US Americans but not national. Nevertheless, the United States Army has the highest recruitment rates in the United States, which is seen as a precious job option to the canned cannabis sector, the other significant revenue stream for these isolated isles.

It is a uniquely American Samoa location and is partially divided with four other non-incorporated, permanent US territory. They are Puerto Rico, Guam (a goal I strongly recommend!), the Marianas, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa. They are all US natives, and all but the American Samoans become US natives at the time of their deaths.

American-Samoans have not, and yet the judgment has been contested several occasions in court, has always neglected to recognize the American-Samoans' nationality, which can only be achieved through a protracted naturalization-trial. Samoa is the oldest of Polynesia's cultures, and its origins go back to 3,000 years ago, when the first immigrant came from Southeast Asia and arrived in Papua New Guinea and colonized the Pacific from there.

But it is also one of the most advanced Pacific economies, thanks to its links with the US, which provided automobiles, infrastructural developments and rapid response groceries. It' s interesting to hike through American Samoa, especially if you come from other Pacific lands where developments are lagging behind and life is easier.

Samoans in America have the highest rates of adiposity in the whole wide globe, up to 94% are regarded as obese and Hawaiian Airlines even began to load their customers before they boarded to guarantee a correct balance of weights on the board. When I arrived in American Samoa two month later, I was in shock when I saw many SUVs and two MacDonald's in a land with only 55,000 inhabitants.

Tradition and legacy, which is very much alive in the other southern Pacific Isles such as Tonga, the Solomon Isles or Vanuatu, have given way to false developments. Samoa in 2011 chose to alter its schedule and move to the other side of the International Date Line to be on the same date as the other Pacific States.

As a result of this modification, the island from the last place where the rising solstice every single night has become the first place for sunset, thus removing 29 December 2011 from its calender. Samoa, only 100 km away, stayed on the other side of the International Date Line and became the last place where the summer sundown was.

Today the American Samoa is 4 hours behind Los Angeles, 7 hours behind New York and 1 hour behind Hawaii. Anecdotal, because of the move and the closeness between the two isles, the 20 minutes flight between Pago Pago in American Samoa and Apia in Samoa means the touchdown on another date, but only 20 minutes later.

Samoa is one of the rainsiest places in the whole wide globe. Even though the summers are supposed to be dryer, it still rain almost every single morning and low rain is still falling on Rainmaker Mountain and the nearby mountains above the capitol Pago Pago. They are home to some of the most beautiful and beautiful archipelago areas in the Americas, and have protected areas with luxuriant rain forests and softbeach.

It is damp and warm, making the land even more mystic and brighter than before. Vulcan and rainforest greens combine to make the American Samoa beach and coves look like clear crystal clear emeralds against a deep, black sea floor that stands out from the luxuriant parklands.

That is what makes a holiday in American Samoa so unique. Although American Samoa is relatively advanced and a part of the USA, it welcomes very few visitors. It would be far below my rankings of the world's least frequented states.

It pointed to the turnoff to Fagatele Bay, took me to Turtle and Shark Point, showed me the east point on the isle and told me many tales about the area.

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