How to get Easter Island

What is the best way to get to Easter Island?

Note: We visited Easter Island during the low season at the end of March. One of the youngest inhabited areas on Earth, Easter Island in the Central Pacific, has been one of the most isolated for most of its history. The Easter Island is considered part of the region Valparaiso in Chile. The three elements are just beginning to describe the magical Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua.

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Hello, I was on Easter Island in March this year for 5n/4d. Well, the ground route was: Overnight at the Mana Nui Inn, on the northern side of Hanga Roa and about 10 minutes on foot to the highroad. Kia Koe trips I made after I got there and I liked them very much - there was a lot of spare times at each stop, the drivers were very well.

The Kia Koe offices in the Hanga Roa City.

isle of Easter

Isla de Pascua, the name of the Easter Island in Polynesia, was first settled around 300-400 AD by a group of immigrants, probably from a sub-group of Polynesians such as the Marquesa Islands. Hoto-Matua, the first of the kings of Rapid Nui, ended up in Anakena, a wonderful pearly sandy island in the northern part of the island.

The first colonists of Rapid Nui and their offspring are said to be in charge of the building of almost 900 huge rock figures all over the island. Exactly why the Rafa Nui took on such a job is still a puzzle and it is still unclear how these boulders were used.

Since about 1680 the island's civilization was marked by civilian warfare and general devastation. With the growth of the island's populations, so did the environmental pressures. The deforestation was increasing and when the timber supplies were exhausted, the inhabitants of the island found it hard to keep making ropes, boats, shooting equipment and possibly more mai.

Some of the island' s inhabitants are thought to resort to cannibalism because they eat little or receive nutrition in some other way. Admiral Jacob Roggeveen, who came on Easter Sunday 1722 as the leader of a Netherlandish cruise, was the first known tourist to visit Easter Island. They called the island Paaseiland (Easter Island) to remind us of the date of their arrival.

A number of other Europeans crossed Easter Island, among them the notorious Captain James Cook. However, Chile conquered Easter Island after the Pacific War in 1888 and rented a large part of the country for shepherding. In 1965 the Chilian authorities nominated a civil gubernator for Easter Island and the inhabitants of the island became full-fledged Chileans.

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