How to Fly to Easter Island

Flying to Easter Island

Tahiti Flies to Easter Island - - Easter Island Message Board Hello everyone who wants to fly from Papeete to Easter Island in autumn 2013 and wonder if anyone made this trip with LAN-carriers? I' m cited once a week, so you have to remain on EI for 6 days to capture the Tahiti trip, and a prize of $1000.return!

I' m assuming it's not a one-way ticket, so it's probably over Santiago. Why you have to be here for six whole nights. You can certainly take a plane back to Santiago and await your Tahiti trip? I' d like to know from others who've done this part.

In October we left Tahiti for Easter Island. It was scheduled to take off one Tuesday at 12:20 and should arrive the next Monday at 22:15. We had a good trip back, but the Easter Island trip was overdue. I' ve found that six on Easter Island is a good period of the year.

Had I had a decision, I would have remained a days or two longer because I would have been missing a few things. This is because there are no airlines flying directly from Tahiti to Santiago, so Easter Island is used as a stop-off point. As I went through custom, I realized that there were many more men in the Santiago line than in the Easter Island line.

I' ve been enjoying Tahiti. Irrespective of what they said, Tahiti was (mostly) cheap. It was definitely less costly than Easter Island. Tahiti and Easter Island are both great places to visit despite their high costs. Hello, They are LAN carriers and it seems they are leaving Easter Island on Tuesdays and returning to Tahiti the following Monday.

When I fly from Australia to Tahiti - can I fly to Papeete > Easter Island and a weekend later back - or do I still have to fly to/via Santiago? Yeah, I'm not going to Santiago, just going back to Easter Island. This would be a much less stressful trip for me from Aus !

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