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What does Bora Bora cost?

Find the best rates and deals on flights from Dublin to Bora Bora. A lot of foreign property owners prefer to live in Bora Bora for a few weeks or months of the year and rent out their property while away from the island. Only with a view to a trip to Moorea (Hilton), but I am open for Bora Bora. Find the best rates and deals on flights from Chicago to Bora Bora.

Relax and adventures in Bora Bora and New Zealand

Situated on the picturesque Bora Bora Bora Bora is the St. Regis with 44 acro..... The Four Seasons Resort Bora is situated on an external hard core wall with sand reefs..... Soak up your stay on one of the most wonderful isles in the canyon. Naturally, the golden sand of Bora Bora Bora beach is a wonderful place to tent, as is your luxurious resort, where you can indulge in unbelievable dining, spas and first-class cuisine.

In the Cordis, Auckland is a contemporary resort in the busy suburb of the town, with its..... Experience the high living in the SKYCITY Grand Hôtel in the middle of the light and busy Auckland, just a..... The biggest of New Zealand's major centres is a vibrant mixture of cultural, culinary, musical and artistic activities with lots of greenery and easy access to the beach.

From Auckland to Rotorua via Waitomo, you' ll be able to take a picturesque ride for a very memorable fireworm adventure. You will visit two beautiful caverns, one with glowworms and the other with storactites and storagmites. Treetops Lodge is located in a 2,500 hectare woodland characteristic of New Zealand.....

The Solitaire Lodge is situated in a luxuriant setting on the edge of Lake Tarawera, with a..... Acacia Cliffs Lodge is situated on the shore of Lake Taupo, in an envious location with views of..... Muddy puddles, bursting geysirs and Maori tradition make Rotorua and Taupo a particular area unparalleled in the remainder of New Zealand.

The Taupo is actually a volcanic craters, the crystal clear sea of the Taupo lures with picturesque bathing pools, serious angling and adventurous sport activities. A clear view over the crystal clear sea to the snow-capped volcanos of Tongariro National Park in the faraway. Head to New Zealand's only ever growing and ever growing volume, White Island.

While approaching, you will take pictures of the live craters before you land on the air. Lake Kratersee changes in intensity and climate, so that the scenery changes from one to the next year. The return trip offers a magnificent view of the broader Bay of Plenty.

Situated on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, Matakauri Lodge is a quiet oasis..... The Sofitel in Queenstown, with its Paris atmosphere and transcontinental sophistication, is an..... Situated in the centre of Queenstown, The Spire Hotel features award-winning..... This is one of the most dramatic areas in the land, from the mighty mountain chains surrounding Queenstown to his relaxed sea sisters Wanaka and the unbelievable Milford Sound.

Find one of the never-ending excitement of ski, white-water raft, canyoning, blastboating, bungee diving, bungee riding and bungee diving, or relax at the vibrant vibrancy of Queenstown and the chilly Wanaka and explore the thriving art scenes, superb vines, exquisite restaurants and tranquil lakefront shore where you can enjoy the unbelievable landscape.

And of course the Milford Sound with its 1692m high Mitre Peak (Rahotu in Maori) is unmistakable. Catch an exciting heli ride past scenic streams, deep gorges and mountain ranges with blue-green icefalls and end up on the Tutoko Galcier in the centre of Fiordland National Park. From Milford, you' ll be able to experience an memorable trip past steep rocks and cascades, looking for sharks, seal and penguin.

You' ll see the best Queenstown has to offer, which includes a one-hour stroll to Bob's Cove, a view of Arrowtown Colony, three nearby vineyards and a meal at the best restaurants in Queenstown, Amisfield, where Prince William and Kate had dinner, as well as a trip to the famed Bungey Platform and many other sights.

From Queenstown to Tekapo the scenic journey lasts about three hour. View the artificial channels feeding the Waitaki Hydro System, which generates 40% of New Zealand's energy, and admire the highland Tusocks against the Southern Alps scenery. Just outside Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is the Mt Cook Lakeside Retreat.....

Near Lake Tekapo and just a brief stroll from the Church of Good..... Maori's highest summit, Mount Cook or Aroaki, is a breathtaking view that juts out from the 700 sq. km Aoraki Nature Reserve of the Tussocks hill and Icefields. At 19 summits over 3000m, the reserve is home to most of New Zealand's highest mountain ranges, all of which consist of a uniquely gray cliff that collects as pebbles in the soils.

There are great hikes in the reserve with great views, but the wheather is extreme and rainy. The centrepiece is the massive Mount Cook, which rises to an altitude of 3754 metres and whose summit often rises into the sky. New Zealand's two biggest and most beautiful icebergs, Fox and Franz Josef, descend almost to seavelen.

You can see these very old icy dales, which have descended through the rain forest, in a truly breathtaking way. Fly on a sensational sightseeing tour of Mt Cook and Westtland National Parks and see the area from a special view. You' ll see gorgeous blue glacier ponds, the woven system of the Mackenzie Plain, isolated highland shepherds and New Zealand's highest Mt. Cook, as well as the Mt. Franz Joseph, Fox and Tasman Gliders.

Spend an evenings at your own disposal in Christchurch, once known as the British town of New Zealand with its well-tended garden, picturesque tramways, grand homes and a huge inner courtyard garden.

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