How long is North Island new Zealand

The North Island of New Zealand. How long is it?

You have that much time. We get it. Long-distance South Island Pass stray. For how long and how to get there?

2-weeks self-drive North and South Island New Zealand - New Zealand Forum

We' re planing a one year Sabbathical and have only 16 days for New Zealand (North and South). We' re planing a self-drive and want to go camping. We' re very interested in doing North and Southeast Island, because we don't want to miss anything.... but it seems to be so urgent.

NORDINSEL: With gushing puddles of sludge, bursting geysirs and surfing rock formations, the'Sulphur City' and its surroundings are impressive. SOUTHERN: Nelson, famous for its vineyards, beer houses and artists. Starts on a trail through fern and regenerative moderate rain forest. Step onto the ices, buckle on step irons and walk through crevices and burrs to get stunning vistas of the falls and the lower Icefall.


Discover New Zealand's magnificent North Island with its vast coastline, unspoiled forest and spa miracles, and visit places surrounded by a warm welcome usually found in small town. Journey to the rugged, unspoiled coastlines of the Coromandel and the Bay of Islands, where sparkling whitewashed shores and historical settlements are the fashion.

Discover some of the city' s rich culture while travelling to the M?ori heart of Rotorua. Enjoy the wonder of an earthly dinner in a local M?ori hanggi, discover part of New Zealand's military heritage and even discover a kiwifruit in Rainbow Springs.

There are 5 places on your North Island itinerary

If one starts exploring New Zealand, one often finds a lot of frenzy around the South Island, but not so much on the North Island. The North Island can be described as more lush, with some really breathtaking coastline, sandy whites, geysirs, the capitol Wellington and Hobbiton itself. Featuring all this in the back of your head, here are five goals you should consider in your North Island adventures.

You will get much more out of your journey if you get a versatile Stray coach passport that specializes in off the beaten track adventure in New Zealand. As an island state, New Zealand has much coast and many beautiful sandy shores to discover, but the minute Hahei on the untouched sand of the Coromandel Peninsula is more than just a beautiful one.

Go on a kayak ride or a picturesque cruise along the coastline to the impressive Cathedral Cove, which most Narnia moviegoers know. It' a funny place to go out, with paddleboarding, kayak and walking, but in Raglan it's all about the waves. Whilst this place is no mystery, a journey around the North Island is not without a stopover in Rotorua.

It is the best place to find out more about the Maori legacy in New Zealand and to experience many of the North Island's most famous adventures. Find out more about the Maori people by attending one of the centers, diving in a naturally occurring swimming pools or immerse yourself in some of the many adventurous sights!

To Rotorua you may want to leave the well-worn paths and move to a more rustic environment embodying the heart of New Zealand. Search no further than Blue Duck Station, a huge highland farming estate in one of the most isolated parts of mainland North Island.

The Tongariro National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most spectacular places in New Zealand, is situated in the centre of the main North Island. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the right place for you while there are many short hikes in Tongariro National Park.

The 19km walk leads you to a vulcanic tableland, past dry summits, huge crater and bright lush lochs, where you will find out exactly why this path is considered one of the best daily hikes in the canyon. For how long and how to get there? Although it may seem like a small nation, its appearance can be deceptive when it comes to New Zealand's thrilling and diverse surroundings.

The goal is to take at least ten working day to see and do everything that is offered on the North Island. The North Island Passport (Jill Pass) offers you a diverse and versatile adventure that allows you to explore all known places and some other interesting places off the well-trodden paths that you will not find in a travel guidebook.

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