How far is Samoa from Hawaii

Where is Samoa from Hawaii?

Newsgroup Hawaii News Board I was just wondering what other places I could go to when I chose to go to Hawaii next year. I' m going to travel for a whole months and would like to include another place that can be reached from Hawaii. There is a one-way from Hawaii to Fiji. Tahitian or American Samoa.

that the Hawaiians are going to both locations. will be a loooonnnng way. But you did not announce that you were going to be in Hawaii for a months, which makes a big deal, because if you are traveling anywhere beyond Hawaii, it is going to be a loooonnnng way. Now, longer than traveling on an isle. Though some in this forums would suggest sharing this period between all the isles, as each is so different.

However, you have many possibilities....Japan, Micronesia, Guam, Philippines, Fiji....still Hawaii is in the center of the PO. And Hawaii is the furthest point on the planet.

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