How do you get to Lanai from Maui

So how do you get to Lanai from Maui?

Although L?na'i offers bed and breakfast, hotels and five-star resorts, a large part of the island's visitors take the ferry from neighbouring Maui. From Maui to Lanai, take a ferry across the Auau Canal and spend some time exploring Pineapple Island and experiencing the old Hawaii Days - learn more about Lanai Island in Maui County and see great photos and a map. Remember, there was a time when you could. The cruise starts with a tropical continental breakfast as you cross the ocean to Lanai.

Discover the untouched, untouched island of Lana'i on this all-day adventure that combines snorkelling, sightseeing and relaxation - all in a sailing boat.


There are six floats per group. In the beginning of the competition each diver will swim for half an hours until all members of the crew are at the starting line. Then, each diver will swim a 10-minute stage until he crosses the finishing line. All teams have their own accompanying boats. A skipper will act as navigation officer for each crew.

There are seven different swimming competitions, depending on the age and gender of the group. Main award goes to the first squad to end the race. The three best swimming crews from each of the divisions will be given stunning embroidery and placement bathing scarves from Hawaii. Every floater also gets an individual T-shirt.

It is the racing point and host of the awards ceremony. There' s always a big competition between the Aussie and US sides. The thing that makes this event so interesting is that the navigational and current aspects can be a decisive part. Not always the quickest and most powerful duo comes first! This track begins formally at the Club Lanai jetty on Lanai and ends at the Kaanapali Strand in front of the Kaanapali beach resort on Maui isle.

There is a 9.9 mile walk between the starting point and the finishing line, as "the birds fly". Every crew is in charge of their own navigational skills and as such, at various points during the course, vessels of all forms and size accompany the horizons, each of whom thinks they have the quickest itinerary. According to the circumstances, the quickest crews reach the finishing line in 3 to 4h.

There is an 8-hour timeout and it's not unusual for a team not to cross the finishing line.

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