How big is Guam

What's the size of Guam?

Korea is facing big, big difficulties". You can play on our showroom slot machines, with car purchase! There is no such thing as Guam. I' m just coming back from another professional journey to Hawaii. It' not that I don't like my profession or miss the motivation to be succesful;

it's just that Hawaii has a way to redefine my vision of succeed. But when I flew home, when I saw the island fading under the lush cloud, I realised that my soul belonged to Guam, despite everything I loved about Hawaii.

By a certain point in time, about 100,000 persons can roam on these acre, which corresponds to four visitors per inhabitant. In Guam it is not only about these touristic offers. It is still a short drive or coach ride from our bustling tourism centre to calm southerly towns set between gentle slopes nestling on the rim of the sea.

Guam, as US territorial state, is not a state like Hawaii. Inhabitants of Guam cannot elect for presidency, nor do we have a legislator, and our elect rep has no voice counting in Congress. It is about 3,800 leagues from Hagåtña to Honolulu, but we are far apart in our relations with the US state.

As Chamorros in Guam. These are the only tribal groups in the USA without their own policymaking. The increasing culture and politics among the two tribes tries to defend and foster the declining local value among changing nationalities. Only last year the Hawaiians gathered to fill the 122-year lack of attention to the problems and needs of the local community in Hawaii.

There an attempt was made to restore confidence to the Hawaiians with a historical choice. But the Supreme Court later ordered Anthony M. Kennedy to order Hawaiians not to counted ballot papers on December 1 as scheduled, or to name the winner of an elections where only Hawaiians could cast their ballot.

Guam's pursuit of self-determination has come to a standstill with a complaint against the concept of "indigenous people of Guam", which has determined who can cast a referendum in favour of the country's state. At first, a regional magistrate dismissed the action, but the ninth appellate tribunal annulled the decision. The new hearing date for the regional courts case has been scheduled for July 25.

No matter what the political and cultural implications of the past for Hawaii and Guam, in essence there is still a passion that makes every place something new. Mine is Guam. This makes living in Guam much simpler, to be ahead of the bend.

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