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Honolulu North Shore Leeward Oahu Beachfront Windward Leeward properties for sale, including houses in Lanikai, Diamond Head, Kawailoa, Sunset & many other exclusive areas. There are Hawaii Home Prices and Home Values. is a full service real estate sales and property management company on Oahu. Might as well start looking at these Hawaii real estate listings and take the first step up? The Oxford House is a concept in the recovery of drug and alcohol addiction.

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World-class Oahu luxurious holiday rental and information about luxurious holidays on the islands. The Oahu luxurious home rents includes a variety of conveniences from home bathrooms, spa and sauna to unparalleled architectural and exuberant scenery. There is no detail too small in designing these luxurious houses and designing your Oahu holiday.

You will find below information about everything you need for a restful and pleasant holiday on Oahu, which includes executive jets, the best dining, custom cooks, luxurious rental cars, the best adventure, beach and nature experiences, executive charter yachts, chopper trips and high-end shops. Some of Oahu's illustrious inhabitants and guests are also well known, as are Oahu performances every year, where you can enjoy Hawaii' genuine civilization, fun and dining, and a wealth of the "Aloha spirit" in the friendliness of Oahu's inhabitants.

OahuLuxury Oahu Jet Services Oahu Luxury Jet Services are available through a number of airlines offering top -quality and unique services. PARAMOLOUNT Business Jets offer several Oahu airport choices with up to 75% off one-way and empty tickets when a ticket is not on sale until the last second.

The Monarch Air Group and our company also operate personal airlines to and from Oahu, and JetCharters has customers with a lead time of only four hour. OahuJets provides Oahu personal-jet services with a wide range of top-of-the-range aircrafts, which include lightweight, medium and large size turboprops and on-call time.

The Embraer Phenom 300 or Cessna Caravan can be chosen between the eight different destinations and the Dassault Falcon 900EX or Hawker 900 XP can be enjoyed on overseas routes. Oahu's Finest RestaurantsOahu attracts some of the best cooks in the whole wide range and you will find a dozen truly extraordinary dining options to suit every gust.

The Plumeria Beach House at the luxury Kahala Resort provides romantic at the seaside and features a variety of cuisine ranging from Oriental and US to Mediterranean and Hawaiian. Serving a sumptuous Sunday brunch with boundless bubbly, an original meal with a refined ambience, avant-garde dishes and flawless services for a first-class eating event (shirts with necklace required).

Roy's Hawaii Kai on the southwest bank is the pristine place of the famous Hawaii Regional Chefs Roy Yamaguchi and has an open plan cooking and sea view. A sophisticated and stylish place that serves traditional local dishes with a touch of the Hawaiians, La Mer is situated in the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki.

Head chef Mavro in Honolulu is a small and private place that serves some of Oahu's best dishes. Culinary delights of Hawaii Regional Cooking, such as fried potatoe pork, Kona Hummer and nori-packed tempera áhi, are also known for their tempting aftertast. The Honolulu Designer Center's scenic dining room provides a beautifully balanced blend of aesthetics and the most exquisite eclectics of furniture from around the globe, supplemented by works of art and stylish light.

Enjoy the Paakai Restaurant's seaside dining at Turtle Bay Resort on the northern bank. There is a wide selection of home-made crustaceans, shrimps, lobsters, asparaguses and a five-course degustation-menue. Kailua, the enchanting city on the eastern coast, has a multitude of lovely places to eat, such as Buzz's Genuine Steak House, just a few minutes' walk from Kailua Beach.

OahuOahu has many spectacular cooks catering to your every culinary need including finding the best top quality locals products and sea animals to arrange whatever alimentary services you want inclusively Romantic sundown dinner, breakfasts on the shore, dishes boiled in your accomodation or supplied to you.

It is also possible to have your apartment pre-equipped with food so that you have everything you need on arrival, just as you need it. Here is an outline of some of Oahu's best individual cooking service. Masculinity bosses can arrange small, informal meetings as well as flamboyant occasions where handpicked home-cookers can help you create an individual meal for the event.

Oahu's Private Chef, Inc. offers personalised cooking service on Oahu that includes dining events, aperitifs, luncheons and brunch. There is also a full-time cook available for rent, which includes breakfasts, dinners and dinners, with an optional farmhouse menu and a Hawaiian organically grown ingredient menu. OahuTour Oahu offers exotic and luxurious luxury rent avehicles.

With a large selection of luxurious and exclusive Oahu vehicles, Includes Lamborghini, Maserati, Lotus, Audi, Ferrari and Bentley, JN Exotics allows you to design your own custom vehicle. We also rent a large selection of Oahu luxurious vehicles, which includes the Prestige series. Oahu's Finest Vacation AdventuresOahu is rich in possibilities for country, lake and aerial adventure.

Chopper trips are an exciting adventure that takes you to thunderous falls and magnificent peaks, as well as flying over historical sites such as Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head State Monument. Another way to see the stunning Oahu from a bird's perspective is by plane. The green and quaint Koolau Ridge is located along the luxuriant upwind side of Oahu as a scenery for wonderful sandy areas such as the Kailua Bay oceans play area and quaint Lanikai Beach.

At the northern bank you attend the world-famous surf spots and at the southern bank the Waikiki Beach. Golfer enjoys a richness of wonderful golf courses on Oahu from the Ala Wai and Hawaii Quay courses on the southern shores to the Olomana Gulf Links on the eastern shores.

The Turtle Bay Resort offers beach volleyball courts on the northern bank. Waikiki Aquarium is a captivating place to find out more about Hawaiian living, and Oahu has many botanic parks where you can get to know the wildlife of the islands. Ride the northern shores of Waimea Valley or go off for a ride on a bike and swimming under Waimea Falls.

The Polynesian Cultural Centre for interactivity, IMAX theatre and entertaining in Häwaiian styles is located in Laie on the north-east coast. Enjoy Oahu's beachesVisit the legendary Waikiki Strand on the southern bank to take a canoeing trip, cruise a disaster recovery boat or just enjoy relaxing on the beaches and seeing local and international cuisine.

Oahu's eastern shores offer kilometres of continuous sandy shoreline along the Waimanalo coastline, against the beautiful scenery of the Koolau Mountains. Kailua Bay, a nautical destination, is located to the northern side, and the beautiful Lanikai Beach, one of Hawaii's most beautiful sandy and crystalline sandy beach and the beautiful Mokulua Islands off the coastline, is close by.

A number of unspoilt shores, such as Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay, are located on the northern beach. Usually during the summers, the northern shores are as quiet as a sea and offer some of the best snorkelling and snorkelling on the isle.

Oahu Chartering your own personal charter boat, monohull or motor boat is a great way to experience Oahu's beauty. Hawaii Oahu Hawaii is offering Oahu charter on "Kaikiwi", a 411 with own bath, full pantry, two headed, a shady area and a large bathing deck with freshwater showers.

Wild Side Specialty Tours also offer yachting and is proud of its "green" rental fleets, which minimise emissions and submarine noises. The Hawaii Boats Company rents both sail and power boats that offer the highest standard of comfort with USCG security and dependability. The Hawaii Seafaring Adventures also offer personal boat rentals on luxurious class catamarans, which include snorkelling and dining outings.

The Oahu Hubschraubertour is a great way to see the Oahu from a bird's perspective. Oahu Helicopters provides Oahu Charter services for you or your group with your own personalized itineraries. Helicopters Paradise Helicopters is offering chopper trips from North Shore's Turtle Bay Resort with the opportunity to touch down at Kualoa Ranch for an unforgettable advent.

Pearl Harbor views, secluded falls, sandy shores and more. The Makani Kai helicopter is flying turbojet helicopter on Oahu and provides air travel with first-class sound and filming. Includes Honolulu Harbor, USS Arizona Memorial, Waikiki, Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay, as well as beach and canals. Oahu's Finest Trading ExperiencesOahu has a wide range of quality retail options, from high-quality gifts and clothing stores with design brands to beautiful fashion stores with unique products.

In Waikiki, you can go to the Luxury Retail stores where you will find top brands of global fashions such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Tiffany & Co. and Gucci. Enjoy real life entertainment while browsing the stores at Waikiki Beach Walk and the Royal Hawaiian Center. The Kahala Mall has more than 100 stores and dining places, among them the Apple Store and the modern Ohelo Road apparel store.

The northern bank of the historical Haleiwa city boasts a number of beautiful boutiques and fine arts galeries in picturesque old farmhouses reflecting the area' s unparalleled legacy. Situated on the east coast is the Windward Mall in Kaneohe and upmarket boutiques and fine arts galeries in the city of Kailua with a walk-in business quarter and some fine cuisine.

The Oahu Islands have long been a popular destination for the affluent and celebrity who come here for their private lives, beautiful scenery and good year round rain. A lot of prominent people, sport superstars and super-rich have also made Oahu their home or second home. One of Oahu's other well-known residents is Jim Nabors, who has a house in Honolulu and is known for his part as the friendly Gomer Pyle.

Like Oahu, Bruno Mars was the birthplace of San Diego Charge line backer Mante Teo, who was borne on the northern bank. Another person from the northern bank is the artist Jack Johnson, who has a house there. Steve Case is another Oahu by birth, and he went to the renowned Punahou School, which is also the alpha matter of Barack Obama and the actor Kelly Preston.

BETTETTE MIDLER was borne and grown up in Oahu, as were Michelle Wie, a pro golf player, and Kelly Hu, an American actress who won Miss Teen USA and played in X-Men and Scorpion King. She is Hawaiian, as is Nicole Scherzinger, who is partly Hawaiian - her second name is Elikolani (Heavenly Child).

The Oahu weathers and ocean conditionsOahu weathers range from about 70 to 85 degree F. throughout the year with rainy and windy environments vary a little on the different sides of the isle. Oahu's northern and western banks receive more rains and usually have slightly colder climates than the southern and western banks.

For Oahu, the winters are more rainy than the summers, although the weather is very comfortable all year round. Northeastern the trade wind brings damp cloud, which rains on the eastern and northern bank of the mountain and creates verdant and luxuriant countryside. Sea condition varies every single working days, although the northern bank has the quietest water in summers and the southern bank the quietest in winters.

If you want to do sea and swim activity, go to the Oahu beach, follow all the instructions and ask about the terms and condition of the activity you have chosen on that particular date. Oahu's Yearly EventsOahu has a host of years old celebrations and festivities that offer an unforgettable insight into the local past, peoples and cultures, as well as the richness of Oahu's inhabitants' aura.

Musical and movie festival, city festival, sports event, tiki dance and Hawaii' heritage culture provide a great complement to any Oahu outing. The Na Hoku or Hawaii Festival will also take place in May. The King Kamehamehameha Floral Parade with colourful chariots, walking chapels and a riding school.

The Ukulelele Festival and the Hawaii International Jazz Festival take place in July. Duke's Ocean Fest is in August, Waikiki Rough-Water Swim in September and Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival will take place in Honolulu in October.

The World Invitational Hula Festival and the beginning of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing at the North Sore. The XTERRA Trail Run World Championship will also take place at the Kualoa Ranch on the north-east bank in November. It is our aim to ensure that you have a great holiday by helping you choose an exceptional Oahu holiday home that will meet and exceed all your needs and wishes.

Proud of providing the widest range of top of the range luxurious rented apartments on Oahu, we are listing only the best of the best real estate on our website. Do you have any question about luxurious apartments in Oahu or which area is best for you, please call us and we will be glad to help you.

Whether beach goods or privately owned mansions, you will find all the conveniences of luxurious heaven. Seafront Diamond Head houses and Kahala luxurious rental companies offer entry to all the thrills of Waikiki and Honolulu while you can indulge in the intimacy and tranquility of one of Oahu's most beautiful areas.

Soak up the Waikiki ocean, the Honolulu story and civilization and live night musical entertainment just a few steps from your home. Sleep in a luxurious holiday home on the shores of Lake Konailua if you want to relax in a seaside home near Lake Konailua Park, often referred to as one of America's "best beaches" and loved for kayak, snorkelling and long boardwalk.

One of Oahu's most prestigeous areas in your Lanikai cottage near the pristine sand of Lanikai Beach with the picturesque Mokulua Islands off the coast. A luxurious holiday home in North Shore gives you convenient accessibility to some of Oahu's most beautiful shores and renowned surf spot, great snorkelling and snorkelling, master yachting, flying and breathtaking landscapes.

To learn more about Oahu shops, food, beaches as well as our Oahu Holiday Rentals page and our features pages about Oahu Golf Course, Hiking, and more. When you need help or advice in organizing your dream holiday in Oahu, just give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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