Houses for Rent in Suva Short Term

Homes for rent in Suva Short Term

Find all long-term rentals in Fiji's Suva. You will find host families in Suva, Fiji. The Suva apartments can include luxury apartments, resort style apartments and independent, fully furnished apartments. Real Estate Domain Suva Central Fiji. The rent is negotiable in the long term.

Apartments and Accommodation Suva

Check all short-term rents in Suva on the best sites. Simply choose the accommodation where you would like to live during your holidays in Fiji. Here you will find last-minute reservations for a weekend to experience the luxuries of a house in Oceania. Comparison of 11 accommodation options and make your reservation now for your Suva accommodation or apartment.

You' ll never sleep in a motel again! Take advantage of a complete Suva flat and get the most out of your Oceaniatrips! From 10 short-term rental units in Suva, look for the ideal flat at, TripAdvisor or many other top holiday apartments.

Short-term accommodation in Suva, Fiji, with AirBnb

ranging from the most modest home to luxurious homes with swimming pool, spas and ocean views, here are some of our top deals, all on AirBnb, the world-renowned start-up! When your goal is to have a Filipino adventure but you are not yet prepared to pay much money, you will be welcomed by this home and its kind owner to explore the Filipino host.

Overlooking the Suva harbour from above with cosy, relaxed verandas and garden on the upper floor and around the property, you will enjoy your trip in this apartment! Situated near the centre of Suva, you will find yourself in a rainforest in this home.

An intelligent and tidy home for maximal convenience in Fiji. One roomy apartment, mainly suited for a family with two double rooms and three single bed, will be the ideal home for a trip in Fiji. To you, the sleeping room is just a place for a short break before the adventures, with its reasonable prices this youth hostel is made for you!

Whether you have a small travel agency, if you have a large backyard with a large indoor and outdoor pools to take advantage of the beautiful Fiji weathers. Featuring 2 double rooms, this lovely studios has everything you need to make your holiday enjoyable! A very large home for those who want the great convenience and enjoyment of living in a beautiful home.

In 5 mins to the centre of town and transportation 24/7, lives in Fiji in one of the best houses in Suva ! Situated in the Yasi room, this flat is the best choice for those who love the beautiful home. Its large lounge and 4 very well equipped rooms will give you the enjoyment of being indoors.

If you don't want to miss the sundown, you have to rent this flat to have a drinks on the terrace every night and watch the sundown.

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