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Papeete French Polynesia Hotels

in Papeete and more. Accommodation near Papeete, French Polynesia. Faaa Tahiti Airport only on Hotel and Travel Index. Cards & Map Hotel Tahiti Nui. Booking a shared arrival transfer from Papeete airport to your hotel, cruise port or ferry terminal on the island of Tahiti.

Top 5 Papeete Hotels of 2018 (with rates starting at £24)

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Awarded - Rating by Tiare Tahiti Hotel, Papeete, French Polynesia

Superb position for a long evening or early mornings. It is definitely a two-star resort, but since it is so near the harbour and the stores, it doesn't have to be anything else. But it' s great for an early plane, boat or boat trip, just a few minutes walk from everything you need.

The Papeete Tourism: Best-of-Papete, French Polynesia

The Papeete is an ideal starting point for discovering Tahiti's Lagunas, sandy and sandy whitewater shores and volcanos. Mapuru, a Paraita Fair or the Musee de la Perle to find native pearl blacks for an immersive on the islands. Would you like to cut your Papeete Hotels costs by up to 30%? Up to 200 locations are checked for the latest and cheapest rates.

You a Papeete Tourism Organization? The rates are for 1-21 days. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee.

and Tahiti

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