Hotels on Oahu not in Waikiki

Oahu hotels not in Waikiki

Anybody have any suggestions? Explore the balance between leisure and elegance with our refreshing amenities. At the Waikiki Beach Marriott Hotel, however, it's not business, but pure Hawaiian entertainment. The name of this luxury hotel says it all: it is located on Waikiki Beach. Benefit from our last-minute offers in Oahu today!

HUTS PLACE TO STOP ON Oahu NOT WAIKIK - Waimanalo, Hawaii Traveler reviews

We had a five-member extended stay of 17 nights in Oahu, Waimanalo. A part of a building classified as Rena's Best Beaches, which was amazingly neat and near the shore, was leased to us. About 100 meters or so is all it takes to get to this amazing sandy area. It has aquatic waters, gold sands, ideal surf for snowboarding and an almost empty sea during the whole fortnight.

His 11-year-old boy is less sure about the Waimanalo surf and enjoys his stay in Ko Olina and Waikiki. Waimanalo's calm tempo makes Waikiki unattainable for you.

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Hello, my mate and I are looking for Oahu for an 8-day escape in mid-November and try to schedule where we should spend the night. Maui and other isles, we fly from New Zealand, which is a 9 hour trip. It is our goal to just lay on the shore, enjoy the food and relaxation, and make sure that the transfer to Maui will take less and less energy (and an additional $!) so that we have less of it!

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It is not important to be on the shore, just a beautiful, tidy place that is good for children and no more than $200 per day. We' re leaving in a few week and living at the JW Marriott. and we didn't want the commotion from Waikiki.

And the only trouble is that JW Marriott will be more than you probably want to overspend. Totally fantastic Waimea Bay views, 2 bedrooms @ $200; only objection is 7 nights min. Turtle Bay and JW Marriott are both one hours away from Waikiki. A lot of information about Oahu, incl. accommodation pages:

A lot of other budgetary information, even some accommodations: That'?s down-town Waikiki with perfectly good people. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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