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In Koloa Kauai, our hotels offer local taste and all the comforts of a house. The Koa Kea Hotel & Resort: The Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu, autograph collection (Poipu). With Koloa Landing timeless luxury blends seamlessly into the natural beauty of the island. A hotel is sometimes just a place to lay your head at night, and sometimes it's a destination in its own right.

Welcome | Poipu Kai Resort

Located on the southern side of Kauai, the wonderful Aston at Poipu Kai Kondominium Estate offers an incredible setting for your Hawaiian holiday. Enjoy a day in one of our swimming pool, reading a books under a chestnut trees, hiking along our tranquil trails to the wonderful beaches of Poipu Beach, Brennackes and Shipwreck Beach.

We are also close to Poipu shops, food, gulf and a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Sleep in one of five condominiums that make up the complex, each with its own unique flair and allure. Select between one-, two- and three-room-suite rooms and a selection of two-, three- and four-room apartments.

Soak up the full kitchen, washing machines/dryers and a personal landai - each of the units is located in a scenic tropic environment. If you bring your hosts, are on a flight or come to us as recurring guest, you will find our well-equipped accommodation comfortable. Featuring so much to do in Kauai, Aston in Poipu Kai offers the ideal rest point between insular adventure and activities.

During the Kauai period, you will find your happiness in paradise. Booking a two, three or four bed roomed house and enjoying your holiday here as you do.

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