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Oripouli Beach Resort & Spa Kauai near Outrigger in Kapaa. Ko³oa, HI, United States See hotel details. The Legendary Hospitality of Kauai Beach Villas on the East Side of Kauai. The Kiahuna Plantation Resort Kauai by Outrigger Property offers superior accommodation, service, comfort, facilities and terrain. Condominiums Koa Kea Hotel & Resort Looking for Kauai?

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Calm and permeated by silent grandeur, the sumptuous Kauai Islands are a portrayal of sumptuous flora, shimmering waves and welcoming seaweed sands. The coastline is dotted with small, isolated bays where the glowing water reflects the beams of another radiant sundown. Known as Garden Isle, Kauai is full of wild life that thrives in the tropics.

Enjoy stunning views of the spectacular Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. You can also enjoy the calm water of the bay of Hanalei, where tranquillity is as widespread as the sands. Fun Facts: The Wailua, Hanapeâpe, Lumahai and Hanalei are four of the five rivers in Hawaii that can be navigated.

Hanalei has been proclaimed a natural heritage and is thus immune from developmen.

Making the Kauai Shore take off in the city of Manhattan

Employees and managment will remain on the 200-room Kaapaa site on the east bank of Kauai, previously owned and managed by Aqua Hotels and Resorts. "We could not be more honoured and thrilled to receive the estate manager contract," said Gary Hogan, Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts Chief Executive Officer in a press brief.

"We are expecting a smooth passage as we concentrate all our energies on making Kauai Shore a favorite target for international visitors." Located about two mile from the historical city of Kapaa, the beach site features recently refurbished rooms and facilities such as WiFi, free exercise courses, a commercial centre and two outdoor and indoor spas.

Together, the hotels and resorts in Hawaii manage more than 1000 rooms on Kauai, Maui and Hawaii Island.

Hawaii's Kauai Resorts & Hotels

Hawaii's Kauai Island offers luxuriant verdant forests, gentle slopes, steep dales and all the stunning scenery you can think of as the perfect setting for your holidays. Whether you're looking for beautiful beaches or resorts that run full-fledged children's nightclubs so you can spend your own leisure and leisure hours, Kauai is committed to giving you the best foothold and the best part of your lives.

It will be difficult not to relax comfortably on this idyllic isle. That' s because Kauai is so pretty that it's been used in a whole series of TV shows and movies, so keep going and stay in some star-studded places! When you can get away from the swimming pools and bars of your hotels, put on your shoes and head to the popular Waimea Canyon, which offers some of the best and most stunning scenery on the islands.

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