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Rapa Nui Hotel, Easter Island. Isla de Pascua (Easter Island), category Chile: Altiplanico Rapa Nui Hotel Locations, Prices, Facilities: Expert Rapa Nui Research, Hotel and Travel Index only. The Hotel Rapa Nui is located in the heart of Hanga Roa, just a few minutes walk from Mercado Artesanal Municipal and Pea Beach. Use our interactive hotel finder to find and compare Rapa Nui hotels and accommodation.

Rapa Nui Hotel - Review of the Easter Island Eco Lodge, Hanga Roa

We' re Asian-American with a pair of US passports. Normally we reserved the hotel ourselves, but that was a long journey to another place, so we reserved all flight and transfer with the same parcel. We were not allowed to take all our hotel rooms off the website of the agency, but to at least one hotel with their parcel.

We' ve been reading the ratings before we chose to keep this hotel with our parcel. That'?s the trouble when we got to the hotel. As we arrived at the hotel, another pair stood before us. After they' checked in, we're the only ones in the foyer checking in.

Receptionist asks for our passports and credit cards, she also asks for the travel coupon. And then she said our room wasn't finished. There were 2 more groups while we were awaiting our room. Someone was a medieval Circassian and a couple from the latino area came to the hotel to make their checks.

The two group check-in and both had their rooms immediately available. And the receptionist took her to her rooms. And then another pair from the Caucasus came to board. We felt weird at the moment, so my pardner came to ask her why all the other folks had their room but we weren't.

Receptionist said to see if our room was finished. We' ll just sit here for five-minute and she says our room is finished. Then she took us up to the room and just talked about the breakfasts. We' re two persons, but she gave us the room with three singles.

All we like about this hotel is the scenery with all the flora and fauna.

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