Honolulu to Molokai Ferry

from Honolulu to Molokai Ferry

The ferry service for Molokai was offered by Sea Link of Hawaii. A statue of Father Damien in Honolulu. portage Situated halfway between the United States, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Maui offers simple entry to a large number of global marketplaces. Travelling within the three Maui county and between Honolulu and the neighboring Hawaii is possible through frequent and comprehensive flight and ocean voyages. Maui County takes about 20 min.

on the road.

The island of Maui's principal airfield (OGG) is in Kahului, the principal commercial centre; the airfield also offers general air transport, commuting and aerial work. It carries over 6 million people a year, and the Kahului-Honolulu transit route is one of the most congested in the United States with 986,000 in 2015.

It is the biggest inter-island airline with over 25 daily non-stop services to Honolulu, as well as non-stop services to Hilo and Kona on Big Island, Lihue on Kauai and Hoolehua on Molokai. Mokulele Air also serves the major islands of Hawaii.

The Kahului International Kahului on Maui ( "OGG") also offers flights directly to the continent, with connections (from 2015) to 14 large towns such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Denver, Dallas and Chicago. The main airlines on these Maui services operate from Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and AA.

Supplementary services, as well as air services, include directly from Honolulu. There is a smaller alternative airfield on Maui near the West Maui resorts near Kapalua (JHM) and offers inter-island services. Hana, in East Maui, also has a small airfield (HNM), which mainly goes to Kahului. Honolulu is the most common regular connection for the Molokai (MKK) in Ho'olehua and Lanai (LNY) aerodromes.

There is a small airfield connecting the Kalaupapa isolation on the Molokai with Honolulu and Ho'olehua (MKK). Port-FacilitiesWith an intersection of approximately 3. 7 million tonnes of freight exceeding through Kahului commercial port each year, shipping to and from Maui will remain the prime means by which goods attain. The port operates on an area of 45 hectares and includes secure warehousing, offices and rental equipment.

It is the only draft harbour in the county and the state's busy harbour outside of Oahu. Sheltered by two large breakwater breakers, the three-pipe harbour is home to ferries as well as inland waterway craft, containerships, other freighters, tugs and petrol and heating tankers (most of the power is produced from kerosene oil).

More than 1,000 vessels (excluding indigenous vessels) were delivered to the port in 2014. Due to the port's scale and economic importance, the Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with other municipalities, state and provincial authorities and civil society, has issued a master plan for the port of 2035, which aims to maximise the port's efficiencies and security while at the same time protect the port's natural resources and meet the port's diverse needs.

An important transport connection is the ferry from Lahaina to Lanai; the Molokai ferry was closed in 2016. Molokai's major port is Kaunakakakai, the port of Kaumalapau is responsible for industrial transport on Lanai, and the recently renovated port of Manele is the port of call for the ferry and shipping of passengers.

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