Honolulu to Maui

From Honolulu to Maui

All Carnival Cruise Lines from Honolulu. Inexpensive holiday packages | Cosmos Tours Say "Aloha" to your most relaxed and cheapest holiday on the islands so far. Between Honolulu and Maui you will find the right mixture of sight-seeing and leisure activities to help you relax and unwind at the calming speed of insularity. Embark on a Honolulu trip, which includes a sight-seeing trip of the Pearl Harbor warships. Allow yourself a few moments of rest or an option for a visit of your choice.

On Maui' s Valley lsland, take a trip through the Iao Valley and consider options for a Whale Watch, Zip-Lining, or a typical LUUU. Classical welcome; Tours; USS Arizona Memorial & Museum. Visiting IAO Valley, Lahaina. INTERIOR VISITS and peculiarities are listed in the itinerary UPPERCASE, possibly inclusive of entrance fees.

Personalize your trip in advance with extra trips. Please see our website for further information and terms. HONOLULU. After arriving at Honolulu International Airport you will be welcomed with a LEI floral freshness and taken to your Waikiki resort. If you have any further queries, your guide will be at your disposal in the evening.

HONOLULU. Take part in a guided tour in the mornings. Sight-seeing tour with a tour of Pearl Harbour's infamous warship series. Continue to the Punchbowl National Cemetery with its lovely view of Honolulu. The guide will give you advice on how to shop, eat and visit. HONOLULU. Celebrate another full exploration of the ancient beauties and Hawaii' paradise of Oahu.

Discover the wealth youself of the Pacific Islands on an all-day excursion to the Polynesian Cultural Centre, playing a game of golf, walking or just enjoying the magnificent coastal scenery. Join the Oahu Sunday Night Special at the Oahu Sunday Supper Club and spend an unforgettable night overlooking the Kahala Gold Coast.

HONOLULU. There is a great choice of outdoor pursuits on Waikiki Beach: swim, surf, snorkel or sail. Waikiki Beach in Oahu is a legend if you are looking for sun and ocean. Float in the seas of the world-famous Waikiki and then take in the spectacular view of the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout.

MAN: HONOLULU-MAUI. Today you are flying to the "valley island" Maui. From Haleakala, the islands known for its world-famous beach, the holy Iao valley, the sea front whale watching (seasonal) and the beautiful sundown. Upon your arrivals, the tour begins with a tour of the `IAO VALLEY, the "Yosemite of the Pacific", to see the `lao Needle.

Spare moment to discover this colorful city. MAUI. Take a boat trip to see Aweinspiring moguls ('seasonal') or float high above the Ka'anapali Resort with breathtaking sea and offshore isles. Soak up the eternal voyage as dance artists tell their tales with gracious movements, delicate looks and beautiful tiki-hand.

MAUI. Unwind at your Ka'anapali Beaches on Ka'anapali Beaches, take Maui's number one spot on the coast or take part in a range of free everyday hawaiian activity that includes tiki classes, rental production, llauhalaweavings, culture and more. Tonight, you' ll be enjoying Maui's delicious food.

MAUI. Prolong your vacation with additional overnight stays and continue exploring the valley island with a range of exhilarating optionals. IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover situations where customer security is potentially at stake or in the case of overall healthcare alerts; or where operating a trip is not possible for any reason beyond our reasonable responsibility (e.g. strike and operating restrictions); or due to force majeure.

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