Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong Island

Airport Hong Kong to Hong Kong Island

And, yes, the Hong Kong Station connects you to the island side of Hong Kong. Sadly, most of Hong Kong's cheap and upscale hotels are not right next to these Airport Express stations. From the airport, take the Airport Express to Kowloon Station. A shuttle bus from Hong Kong International Airport[ANA Official Website] Guide for facilities at Hong Kong International Airport. Use of the service depends on the train ticket including Hong Kong airport.

Where can I get to and from Hong Kong Airport?

The airport of Hong Kong is a real traffic junction and is well serviced by busses, trams and taxi. The Airport Express is the best and certainly the most favourite version for cruising at high speeds, while the coach provides a stunning view of the South China Sea and takes you over the world's longest railway and street hanging bridges.

The airport is a turntable and all traffic is part of the airport ensemble and well-marked. Continue reading for a detailled explanation of the different carriers. Airport Express is the fastest connection between the airport and Central Hong Kong and takes only 24 minutes - less to Kowloon.

About every 12 mins. When using Airport Express, you can also use the in-town check-in facility, which allows customers of select airlines to arrive at Hong Kong train stations one full working days before their flights. Airport Express customers can also use the free shuttle buses from Hong Kong and Kowloon railway stations.

Busses run between 06:20 and 23:10 in select large inns. When you have a price, there are many busses that can take you anywhere in Hong Kong. The bus ride between the airport and Central takes about 45 minutes, the trip to Kowloon about 30 minutes.

The fare varies according to itinerary, but the $5 limit is the highest you will have to cover, with daytime busses being common, every 10 min up, while overnight busses usually run every 30 min. Keep in mind that fines do not give any changes, so try to get the right amount if possible. 10 to 30 min.

For more information on itineraries, fares and frequencies, please visit the Airport Bus Transport website. First, you need to find out which cab you need because it is available in three colours - and unfortunately you can't just pick your favourite one. Scattered cabs service city areas, all over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, which means they are almost certainly the right colour for you.

The New Territories are served by verdant cabs, which is the area above Kowloon. Only blue cabs operate on Lantau Island. Please be aware that there is nowhere else to take you but to the areas provided for this purpose. Learn more about cabs, rates and itineraries in our Guide to taking a Hong Kong taxicab.

They have no opportunity to negotiate a prearranged fare for the trip, and cabbies will not accept the "off the peg" proposal. 10 to 30 min.

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