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At Hawaii's highly competetive property markets, it' a challenge to find the broker who best represents your interests. At Hawaii's highly competetive property markets, it' a challenge to find the broker who best represents your interests. After moving to Hawaii in 1979, I have more than two dozen years of commercial expertise in luxurious property in Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

It is my obligation to my customers to work closely with them to achieve their Hawaiian property objectives.

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With the sunshine of the tropics, cool Trade Wines and untouched water, Oahu is a once-in-a-lifetime heaven. Oahu, which they know, is a multi-faceted place that encompasses the hectic pace of Honolulu, the green south-east green reserves and protected areas, the wave-whipped coasts and the relaxed life style of the north-coast countryside.

Embedded in a luxury mountain or beach house you will experience as if you were a remote corner of the earth and as near to paradise as possible.

#10 most expensive house sale on O'ahu in 2017 - Property

That gorgeous Diamond Head house was priced at $11,500,000. By 2017, condominiums were in the limelight, with luxurious condominiums that set new records and created a whole new wave of markets on our oceanfront isle. Park-lane was the sixth highest selling home in this year among the top 10 (yes, that's the owner-occupied apartment in the mall).

Just two single-family homes broke the top 10, which are built on HiCentral Multiple Listing Service data sets and do not contain any personal deal. There were $3,016 per sq. ft. of condominiums on the inventory; it was only $2,278 for single-family homes. Sea view, open floor plans, breathtaking surfaces and first-class equipment.

This is where they are, beginning with the tenth most pricey house ever built, and which was on sale in 2017: This is the Park Lane outhouse. As well as enjoying the view of Ala Moana Beach Park and the sea, the new owner of this three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo in Park Lane will also be part of the Park Lane lifestyles.

As we have come to await a grand pool, gymnastics and splendid comforts at high-end condos, Park Lane also will include catering facilities, entertainment areas and a resorts experience unlike anything else on O'ahu. The four bed room, four and a half bath house on Park Lane was divested to a purchaser with an office in Singapore. The 4,169 sq. meters of floor area, which feels like an individual home, is probably similar to the one shown, with surfaces that have been created by Philpotts-Hawai'i's long-time specialist in luxurious designs, which tell the history of a place and captures the sense of Hawaii's surroundings and lifestyles.

The four bed and four and a half bath house was bought by a Hawaii-based LLC with a name in Japan. It has 4,287 sq. metres of floor area, making it look like an individual home, not a condo. Park Lane, with 217 units, has more than 100 different layouts that make each room look different and personal.

A further four bed room and four and a half bath room residential building in Park Lane, which was bought by a current occupant and is slightly bigger at 4,319 sqm. There are no lifts needed to get into the house, so it feels even more like a detached house - but with many additional comforts. For a glimpse of how marvellous the view from this mansion on the hillsides of Diamond Head is, based on a typical spain mansion, watch the above film.

It has four double rooms, four baths, more than 4,800 sqm and was constructed in 2001. Now its new proprietor (with an Nevada address) has almost every days entrance to wonderful breakers and wonderful sundowns. Unit 3200 occupants with a California location can choose from four double rooms, four and a half bath rooms and 4,151 sq. meters of nicely decorated lounge.

The five-bedroom house with six and a half bathrooms covers an area of 114,432 sqm. New in 2014, it was the highest single-family house sale of the year. This four bedroom apartment with four and a half bathrooms, spread over a large 6,776 sq. m. floor space, is bigger than many O'ahu-loses.

The device was purchased from a nearby group. With 5,743 sq ft, this five-bedroom house with five and a half bathrooms is bigger than the most pricey house this year. We' re not sure if we would call this a trade-off, but the owner will get the same facilities and an additional bed room for house and guest, as well as a separate lift for the inhabitants of Park Lane directly to Ala Moana.

Park Lane's Grand Penthouse was the largest sale of the year. Buyers listing an adress in Japan enjoy a breathtaking view from Diamond Head to Ewa and can chat in both directions on their outdoors page at l?nai This 5,668 square meter large residential building has four double rooms and four and a half en-suite facilities. The Ala Moana Boulevard below is hardly perceptible when you look out over the verdant Ala Moana Beach Park and into the Northwest.

Talking to the great Park Lane developers Patrick Kobayashi and Ian MacNaughton, we asked them how they could take the sale of condos in Honolulu to a whole new high. Gateway, the next luxurious condos by Howard Hughes Corp. It will see some reselling of high-end apartments as gold seekers looking in the fair to make a profit, and we will also see luxurious homes and small scale properties coming onto the fair in the common places, include K?hala, Kailua and Lanikai.

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