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This was my first time at home. - Review of Tradewinds Hôtel, Pago Pago, americamoa

I am frustrated to have to post this evaluation, as the personnel were very nice and kind. I had been alerted to the cockroaches before I arrived, but to see it for myself was a different matter. It was a relief to be on the third level away from the galley, where I would think the cockroaches would be the worse.

I had already slaughtered 10 cockroaches from the moment of my arriving until the moment of my taking a bath, about one of them. Another chance I saw a cockroach walking over the bathroom chair. Suddenly I found a little cockroach in the fridge. As well as the cockroaches, there were two furs (not mine) on the runners on arriving and a small spot of amber on the runner's undercoat.

Preventive action was not to put anything in the garbage, except the fabrics with the corpses, a disinfecting cloth in the gap around the shower head, to keep the kitchen sinks closed and to secure my possessions in Ziploc-bag. but I couldn't get to bed because I knew she was walking around the room.

It' been difficult enough to get enough rest to know the cockroaches were out. I really enjoyed my time on the Isle, except for the hospital. I' m told that this really is the only one on the whole archipelago, which is regrettable, because it's the motel that won't let me comeback.

With your sincere sympathy, we are very sorry that the cockroach issue has wrecked your sojourn. Since we are in the tropical regions, we recognise the presence of cockroaches, but not to the degree that you have described, because we are trying very hard to wipe them out. Hopefully the efforts and work we have made to eliminate the cockroach issue will be a great achievement so that you can have a better next year.

FYI, there are other properties on the islands; but you will see on the ratings that they all seem to have the same ailment.

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