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HOLYFORD TRACK Guided hike. Hollyford Track Guided Walk story. Situated in the spectacular Fiordland National Park, the dramatic Hollyford Track is one of the largest guided hikes in New Zealand.

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As this route is private, we do not currently provide the walk as part of our adventure. When you are on the Hollyford Track and only have 3 working day, see below. The tour leader will tell you the route in detail, organise the baggage stowage and distribute your excess baggage to those who need it.

Departure to Hollyford Valley and drive through scenic Eglington Valley to the Hollyford Valley to begin the track and visit Gunn's Camp Museums. Follow the early discoverers along the Hollyford River to Pyke River Lodge. The track meanders smoothly through the local birch wood and offers interesting historic stories and interpretations of the wood and avifauna.

Start your excursion with a brief stroll to Lake Alabastersee and get to know the region's past and geological features in the middle of a breathtaking environment. Over Fiordland's longest revolving viaduct, then take a thrilling jetboat ride on the Hollyford River and across Lake McKerrow to Jamestown, the historical site of the end of the 20th century.

Stroll through the old wood of podocarps (New Zealand pines) with giant romu, totara and kahikatea sylvestr. in solid rata-groves. Arrival at Martin's Bay Lodge at 5pm. Wander through the young tapering forests of Jerusalem Creek and see the seals at Long Reef on the west coast.

Take a Jetboat to the shore and discover the seven kilometres of sandy beaches and lagoons of Martins Bay Strand. Find out more about its past and its flora, fauna and fauna. Back to Martins Bay Lodge for a sightseeing ride to Milford Sound overlooking the Track Routes, Hollyford Valley and Mt Tutoko, Fiordlands highest summit.

The Hollyford Track Guided Walks began in the 1940s when Davey Gunn opened the track for guided hikes. One of Davey Gunn's wizards, Ed Cotter, further refined the stroll. The Hollyford Valley was integrated into Fiordland National Park in 1959 and in the mid-1960s a Jetboat was added to the route with the introduction of the Davey Gunn on Lake McKerrow.

At the beginning of the 1990s, major enhancements were made, such as the renovation and expansion of the Martins Bay Lodge apartment blocks and bathrooms, the construction of a new Pyke River Lodge and the acquisition of a new twin-engine jet boat and a 20-seater coaches. This resulted in a 100% recommendation of the Hollyford Track to your friend and loved ones from 1500 of the interviewed people.

Nowadays the Hollyford Track Guided Hike is known as one of New Zealand's greatest treks, with a variety of landscapes, plants and animals and clearly different adventures not to be surpassed by any other hike in the state. The Hollyford Track, following the course of the Hollyford River, is a low height stroll for those who are fit and of all ages, although we recommend that visitors be over 10 years old.

They can also be seen in the lower Hollyford River or Lake McKerrow, one of the two places in the worid where they occur in freshwater. The Hollyford Track is the only guided hike that offers hiking, boating and aviation; a picturesque jetboat ride on the Hollyford River, a sightseeing trip to Milford Sound and an impressive trip from Milford Sound to Te Anau.

Enjoy the best New Zealand adventures. After a relaxing exploratory days you will reach a hot and arid chalet, a cordial welcome and a good cook. On the first night we will spend the night at the Pyke River in the Pyke River with Hollyford and Pyke Rivers.

We spend the second overnight in the Martins Bay Laodge, near the estuary of the Hollyford River. Mealtimes at the chalet are a true pleasure of the Hollyford adventure. Gourmets will enjoy their meal and the cooks at the chalet will be delighted to prepare an excellent one. Tasty dishes such as antipasto mistos, fried tenderloin, fried Hollyford Valley-style veggies and citrus cake are on the menus.

You will be educated and enlightened by our kind guide with historic stories and interpretations of the area. In order to guarantee a very "personal" Hollyford Track adventure, the group size is limited to a max. of 16 people. In this way, the guide has the opportunity to deal with you, answer your question and explain the intriguing story of the Hollyford Valley from its very beginning.

"The hike is enjoyably demanding and very worthwhile without being unattainable for those with an intermediate physical aptitude. Experienced instructors will make sure that your group (maximum 16 people) can enjoy New Zealand's wildlife at its best.

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