Hollyford Track

The Hollyford Railway

The Hollyford Track offers a fantastic hiking experience with a variety of vegetation, native birdlife and breathtaking views. Milford, Routeburn and Hollyford tracks in Fiordland New Zealand. We all know the Milford and Routeburn tracks, what about the Hollyford? Hollyford Track is the only large low altitude hiking trail in Fiordland that is accessible at any time of year and also connects to the coast of Fiordland. Hollyford Track is a hiking trail in New Zealand.

Fiordland National Park Guided Hikes

Situated in the Fiordland National Park, the secluded and stunning Hollyford Valleys are home to breathtaking birch forests and a wealth of New Zealand heritage. With our 3 days / 2 nights all-inclusive guide you cross the river valleys on feet, by jet boat and helikopter. Journey ends with a chopper ride to Milford Sound.

3-days led hike in Fiordland

On your several days of adventures you will have much more to live and study than if you were going on your own. During this 3 days / 2 nights, all included, led multi-day trekking adventures you will be taken from the hills to the ocean and cross the Hollyford Valley on feet, Jetboat and eventually helicopters into Milford Sound.

You' ll savour the first-class food cooked and serviced by our welcoming staff while you relax in our well-equipped and conveniently equipped home cooking area. Transfer back with collection from Queenstown or from Distinction Te Anau on the way. Drive from Queenstown or Te Anau to Hollyford Valley and then take footpath 19.

5 km with your tour leader through the local birch wood to the Pyke Lodge. Morninglight on Lake Alabaster, wild jetboat trip and 15 km of woodland, coastline riffs and lastly plush seal before overnight at Martins Bay Lodge. Discover Martins Bay Smit and both M?ori and the beach resort, on foot 8.

5 km before we fly by chopper to Milford Sound, where our bus will take you back to Te Anau and Queenstown. To get off to a more relaxed and relaxed start in your multi-day trekking experience, we suggest starting in Te Anau, where you meeting the group at 8:30 a.m. at the Distinction Te Anau Hotel.

If, on the other hand, you leave Queenstown, you will be met at 6:30 a.m. from your hotel or your main rendezvous point. We put on our backpacks at the beginning of the route (see our FAQs for tips on how to store your backpack) and take off on our 19th day. 5 km drive to Pikeodge.

You' ll enjoy the fast, clear water of the Hollyford River, overlooking the majestic Southern Alps, among them the two highest summits of Fiordland National Park, Mount Tutoko (2746m) and Mount Madeline (2537m). You will trace the traces of the early pioneers and the ancient M?ori, while the path meanders smoothly through the local birch wood and next to spectacular falls.

After the first part of your walking tour, you will be greeted by your family. You' ll be able to take warm showering, take an amazing 3-course meal, and have a relaxing after supper beverage and admire the grandeur of Mount Madeline while you think about a great first full moon of your trek.

While the early dawn is shining over the hills, a tasty breakfasts brings everyone on the trail, prepared for the mystic woods, the glittering alabaster lake and the option of traversing one of Fiordland's longest revolving footbridges. We will walk 15 km today and your basic package will be delivered to Martins Bay Lodge, while you take a smaller daypack (which we provide) for your everyday needs.

Then after a first brief stroll you get on our Jetboat for the next part of your outing. Featuring high performance and safety, these aircraft offer an exhilarating journey along the Hollyford and down to McKerrow Beach, where the glacial water flows past and the mountain rises soaring. They can even meet a couple of bottlenose dolphins who come to the lower reaches of the water and the sea on a regular basis.

is as unbelievable as the landscape. During your multi-day adventures you will explore the victories and dramas of Jamestown, cross old woods with thousand-year-old giant like Rimu, Totara and Kahikatea, and soon the lofty and rising wood of podocarps will turn into a tough seaside park.

Martin's Bay Lodge ends an memorable second outing. Lift a jar onto the traditional'Hollyford Toast' to end the outing. 5 km on foot to explore Martins Bay Spit, a renowned icon that separates the mighty Tasman Sea from Hollyford Valley. This is a historic site where Tutoko and his men watched over the entrance to the Hollyford Valley and controlled the entrance to and from treasured collection areas of green stone and Jade.

Back to Martins Bay Laodge for dinner, your guests say goodbye as you take a sightseeing chopper ride along the jagged coast and into dramatically Milford Sound, where you will admire the splendour of vertically facing Granitau. Arrived in Milford, your guide will pick you up and take you along the stunning Milford Road through the renowned Homer Tunnel, through a gorge of rocky granites and stop at the sources of Hollyford Valley and River before heading back to Te Anau and Queenstown for your final part.

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