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The Holland America Line is a British/American cruise line; a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc. When you would have to choose a word to describe Holland America Line, that word would be "venerable". The Netherlands America has a long history of traditional cruising on spacious, elegant medium-sized ships. Newest tweets from Holland America Line (@HALcruises).

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Holland America Line is a British/American based liner; a Carnival Corporation & plc affiliate. Between 1873 and 1989 it was a Netherlands based company, a liner, a cargo line and a liner mainly operated between the Netherlands and North America. Part of this wealthy heritage, it was crucial for transporting tens of thousands of immigrants from the Netherlands to North America.

The Holland America Line was established in 1893 as Nederlandsche-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij (Dutch-American Steamship Company). 1] It had its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and was responsible for the American continent. Its first vessel was the former Rotterdam, which made its 15-day inaugural cruise from the Netherlands to New York City on 15 October 1872.

Further port connections have been added to other new international harbours such as Hoboken, Baltimore and South America. Freight traffic to New York began in 1809. In the first 25 years, the enterprise transported 400,000 persons from Europe to America. At the beginning of the twentieth century other North American harbours were added. Although transport and navigation were the main source of income, HAL made its first holiday trip in 1895.

His second holiday trip from New York to Palestine was first scheduled in 1910. A remarkable vessel was the stylish 36,000 GT SS Nieuw Amsterdam of 1937, it and RMS Queen Mary were the only two liner vessels constructed in the 1930' s to make a win. The HAL had 25 vessels at the beginning of the Second World war and nine stayed at the end of the outbreak.

In 1939, Westernland in Falmouth, England, which Red Star Line purchased in 1939, became the headquarters of the Netherlands state. Following the shipwreck, the company was heavily involved in the transport of a huge influx of people from the Netherlands to Canada and elsewhere. A further remarkable vessel in the post-war era was the SS Rotterdam of 1959, one of the first North Atlantic vessels to be fitted out for two-class trans-Atlantic crossings and single-class cruises.

At the end of the 1960' the gold age of trans-atlantic liner transport came to an end with the launch of trans-atlantic jets. In the early 70s HAL stopped trans-Atlantic traffic and left the North Atlantic for Cunard' s RMS Queen Elizabeth 2. In 1973 it was selling its freighter traffic.

Carnival bought it in 1989 for 1.2 billion florins (530 million euros). It is the Holland America Line Ships class that were withdrawn from the market or sunk before 1989. 1937 - In World War II he fled to the US harbour, serving as a British war transporter with over 350,000 men, returning to Holland in 1946.

SSS Rotterdam, 1908 - Scraped in 1940. This was the biggest vessel HAL had at the moment it was in use. SSS Rotterdam, 1886 - scraped in 1895. Rotterdam, 1872 - Destroyed on 26 September 1883. SSS Veendam (II) - SS Volendam's sistership ("I"). Bombarded in Rotterdam in 1940, fixed and requested by the Hamburg-America-Line.

Return from Rotterdam in 1947, scraped from Baltimore in 1953. The Netherlands America also has the following: Koningsdam was build at the Fincantieri yards and is the biggest boat that will be build for Holland-America and has the sizes of ex-Ryndam and ex-Statendam. 15 ] The new boat has a width of 35 meters, which corresponds to the measurements of the new Panamax and allows it to pass through the new, broader sluices currently being erected on the Panama Canal.

18 ] All Pinnacle vessels were constructed according to the Signature of Excellence (first phase) standard (see above). NetherlandsSold to Premier Cruise Lines in 1997, in 2000 and now a motel and muse. New Amsterdam 1984 31984 2003 33,930 tonsMaltaSold to American Classic Voyages in 2000. The HAL bought the boat back and brought it to Louis Croises, who chartered it to Thomson after a long conversion.

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