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Vacation in Maui Hawaii

This long weekend can be very strenuous, as people from other Hawaiian islands often use the break to visit Maui. Booking your Hawaii holiday today! Oahu, Honolulu, Maui. Explore Maui Hawaii and have the best family vacation with children. Locate the best accommodation, Maui Hawaii hotels for children and things to do with children.

5 Luxury Maui Hawaii and San Diego Holidays | Hawaii Twincenter

The 5* Maui Hawaii and 4* San Diego Holiday offers you the possibility to explore two different places. Enjoy a world-class Andaz, a seaside resorts with wonderful sandy spots and 4 endless swimmingpools for those special moments. You can take a sea taxicab to SeaWorld San Diego, schedule a fishing trip, walk on the shore or lie on a deckchair in the award-winning spa and see the yachts in the yachting mall.

We are California and Hawaii experts and can help you organize your Hawaii itinerary. Maui and San Diego vacation includes: Flight with United from Great Britain to Maui.

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If a holiday is on the week-end, it is often commemorated the next Friday or Monday. This long week-end can be very strenuous as Hawaiians often use the breaks to come to Maui. When your stay goes hand in hand with a holiday, you should make your reservation for your accommodation and your vehicle in good time.

Maui - Hawaii, Nalu Kai Lodge

For your windsurf, kitesurf & surf holiday to Maui, Hawaii, the Nalu Kai Lodge is central situated and only a few minuts away from the Sprecks beaches. Situated in Paia City, 10-15 min by car from Kahului Aiport. It is a picturesque little seaside village. Walk to the Baldwin Park. The Kanaha Park is only a few driving mins from Sprecks is.

Materipa takes about 5 min. by car. Canaanaha Beach Park & South Bank 10-15 mins.

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Maui Island is called "The Valley Isle". Of all the islands here in Hawaii, Maui is known as "No Ka Oi" or Maui is "The Best". There is something for every traveller, the best beach in the whole word, great scuba dive, food, snorkelling, walking and kayak, it is a varied nature wonder that provides adventures for every tastes and a large choice of accommodation for every tast.

A few of the places you can see here when you're on Maui: Hana Coast Line (a nice trip through Maui's rain forest area, full of luxuriant green and waterfalls), Iao Valley State Park and the city of Lahaina (the city itself was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1962, Lahaina was once the capitol of the islands of Hawaii).

There are many paths and Haleakala, Maui's volcano (the dawn of Haleakala is one of the most dramatic things you can see here on Maui). The Kihei is a lively coastal town with a mixture of reasonably priced accommodation and condominiums offering "home away from home" comforts.

The Kihei Hostel provides road contractors, locally-styled stores, dining and shopping that appeal to both locals and people. In Kihei there are some of the best Maui' s beautiful sandy areas for hiking, snorkelling, canoeing, tanning and Whalewatching. Several of Kiheis sands are Kamaole I, II, III and Keawakapu Bea. The Kihei Islands offer a family holiday on the sea with a cosy atmosphere.

Kaanapali was the play area of the royal house of Hawaii in antiquity, today it is the most favoured area for parents and pairs. Caanapali is only 2 km from Lahaina. There is a large choice of accommodation, outdoor pursuits, shops and restaurants in the area. Kaanapali area' s main attraction is its 3 nautical leagues of beaches, one of the best on the isle.

The Kaanapali Beach has a range of outdoor pursuits that make it a real city. From Kaanapali Beach near Pu'u Keka'a (Black Rock) you can take some of the best snorkel tours on the Isle. There is also a torchlight at night and a rock dive at sundown. There are also two master course, a Walmuseum and a magnificent view of the Lanai and Molokia isles.

Directly on the Kaanapali coastline is the holiday village Hongokowai. Some of the real estate in the area has Kaanapali in their name, so many folks make the error of believing that they are renting a property or condominium on Kaanapali Beach. Honokovaï would better be known as North Kaanapali Beach.

HONOKOVAI provides an accessible option to Kaanapali Beach, with several beautiful condos. HONOKOVAI is still near Kaanapali Beach and Lahaina City. Kahana resorts offer very cheap accommodation right on the beach with stunning sea view and a view of the neighbouring isles. Kahana is a small, tranquil area that provides an alternate to the hubbub of Kaanapali and Lahaina.

The city of Kahana lies between Kapalua and Kaanapali. Situated on five of Maui's most stunning crescent-shaped shores, this residential communities has some of Hawaii's most luxuriously award-winning and condominium properties. The Shops at Wailea, Hawaii's ultimative goal for memorable purchases and restaurants, is also situated in the Wailea resorts.

This is one of the most scenic rides in the whole wide Maui area. Hana and the surrounding area offer mainly B&Bs, cabins and a tourist complex with spas, excellent food, horse back rides and playing at the beach.

Don't miss the waterfalls that run through the Ohe'o Gulch nine leagues behind Hana in Haleakala National Park, Seven Sacred Colon. The Lahaina was once a rude harbor and mission headquarter. Preserving its nineteenth c. colourful past, Lahaina offers renovated museum and historical attraction.

Not a musty relict, Lahaina is a vibrant city with unique stores, fine arts and some of the best dining on the Isle. Lahaina accommodation is enchanting and inexpensive. Lahaina comes to life at dark, with livemusic, dance, great shows and Lous. In Lahaina you will also find one of the biggest marinas on the islands, from where you can go angling, diner cruising, snorkeling and snorkeling.

Surfer also like the area around Lahaina, from beginner to expert. Napili is a peaceful, relaxing haven in Hawaii. Napili has a picturesque, unspoilt traditional atmosphere. The bay of Honokeana in Napili has some of the best snorkelling on the islands and you can be sure that you will see the resident marine tortoises in this place.

The Napili Bay is a wonderful half-moon shore in the Napili area, ideal for snorkelling and swim. It is located at the northwestern end of the archipelago, about 5 km from Kaanapali and 9 km from Lahaina. A luxurious residential neighborhood with stunning sea vistas, elegantly landscaped and 3 sandy shores.

Kapalua Spa also provides walks, sightseeing trips and zip line adventure. The town of Mekena provides a feeling of remoteness just outside Wailea. There is a seaside residence in Mekena and a few condominiums by the seaside. Maui has some of the best snorkelling and bathing in Mekena, and you will surely see a local tortoise snorkelling on Maluaka Beach in Mekena.

The Mekena is home to 2 champion course, well-kept terrain and delicious food, all with a feeling of shelter. And Mekena is also a great walking area.

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