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Each order of books & more from Hive supports local independent bookstores & free shipping. He' s read all the books by Alex Rider (Anthony Horowitz) and enjoyed them, but hasn't said Artemis Fowl. offers a large selection of books, eBooks, DVDs, music CDs and stationery. Beehives are a unique, multisensory experience that emphasizes the extraordinary life of bees.

The beehive is not a book I have read, I have learned it when needed, especially by reading the beehive wiki and the hands on it.

You have hive orders for a max of 28 working nights.

You have hive orders for a max of 28 working nights. We deliver all articles directly to your home. Orders are eligible for free shipping as part of a UK shipping package with no spending thresholds. Stocked articles will be with you within 3-5 business workingdays, except public holiday.

Royal Mail will deliver all articles and, if possible, track them to your doorstep with text and/or e-mail notifications for shipment and the option to give directions on how to exit in a "safe place". During the order procedure we will ask you for your cell phone number and shipping information and forward this information to Royal Mail if your package can be traced.

That means your order arrives on the next business days, except for public holiday, as long as the articles are in inventory. If possible, the package will be traced back to your doorstep with text and/or e-mail notifications and the ability to give directions on how to exit in a "safe place".

Priority Airmail is used to send all orders, with the possibility of choosing either an undisturbed or a traced one. Priority Airmail mail services are:: Merchandise is priced as indicated on the website, possibly incl. value added tax (books are currently valued zero). Clients ordering a shipment outside the UK are liable for paying UK tax, which includes value added tax, plus shipping and customs if necessary.

The fees charged in connection with payment of duty are to be borne by you. Furthermore, any fees for handling the goods are borne by you, the client. Usually, if a item is quoted as'Out of Stock, more expected soon', it can still be ordered for shipment.

Once the articles are available, they will be shipped to you (usually within 10-14 days) - they will not be billed for'out of stock' orders until they are sent to you. If you have used PayPal, however, full payments will be made when you place your order, not when the goods are shipped.

There is no shipping delays for articles that are not in inventory. Is it possible to modify my shipping information after placing an order?

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