Hiking new Zealand South Island

Walking on the South Island of New Zealand

This is an action-packed trip that combines hiking, cycling and kayaking. "I don't care what we do in the South Island, as long as we do it! and put on your hiking shoes. and put on your hiking shoes. Hundreds of kilometers of trails provide hiking and strolling trails for all demands of physical activity and adventure.

Shorter strolls between 30 minutes and 3 hrs are everywhere and easy to find on routes. Our daily hiking tours from 4 to 8 hrs provide an astonishing variety of scenery.

If you are interested in hiking in a particular area, please see our North and South Island hiking pages.

Southern Island walks | Christchurch

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Latest South Overview Area | Hiking NZ

Starting off with a real "off the beaten track " rapprochement to the untouched water and gold sandy shores of the Abel Tasman Peninsula, this memorable trip is a real adventure. Leaving this breathtaking Nationalpark with the old fashioned kayak (M?ori Kanu). With up to 11 persons in the pack, we all work together to explore the coast and look for seal and dolphin species around the Adele Island nature reserve.

Then we head south through the luxuriant rain forests of the west coast, where there is the possibility of exploring gorges, hiking and cycling. Get excited about Queenstown's adrenaline-charged outdoor pursuits later or take the plunge to get away from the hustle and bustle of this mountain spa and walk the nearby mountains.

Let the ascending Milford Sound summits and the slopes of New Zealand's highest peak, the breathtaking Aoraki/Mt Cook, put you in the shade. Ultimate South features a 3-day walk, two 2-day walks, a culture walk, biking and a boating trip on Milford Sound. Optionally available features such as ocean canoeing on the Milford Sound and a trip to a frozen lake definitely make this a trip for those who want to be energetic and fearless.

Combine this trip with the Ultimate North for the ultimate New Zealand outing! Ultimate South covers 8 to 22 of Ultimate New Zealand's day. Are you interested in more information about Abel Tasman and the New Zealand National Park?

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