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Acronyms of the US states

Multiple sentences of code and acronyms are used to depict the United States' policy departments for mailing address, information handling, general acronyms, and other use. It contains acronyms for three separate countries linked to the United States through the Compact of Free Association and other similar postcode acronyms, as well as those that have become outdated.

The two-character system is made more difficult by the fact that several state titles begin with the same character (for example, eight state titles begin with M and eight with N, four "new" and two "north"). In order to prevent duplication, some shortcuts are not intuitively.

If the Associated Press Stylebook, the user manual for most US papers, recommends the use of acronyms for most state titles when attached to a town name ("Santa Ana, Calif."). The AP proposes to spell the name of Alaska, Hawaii and all states with five or less characters; and, unlike the old GPO rulings, the AP proposes to spell the name of all non-governmental areas except the District of Columbia (D.C.).

The Bluebook and The ALWD Manual usually use these "traditional abbreviations" or variations thereof. In the INCITS 38:2009 edition of the INCITS 38:2009 protocol, the American National Standards Institute has defined alphabetical and numerical code for each state and remote area. The INCITS 38:2009 replaces the Federal Information Processing Std. (FIPS) FIPS 5-2, FIPS 6-4 and FIPS 10-4.

Alphabetical ANPS state is the same as the USPS state with the exception of the U.S. Minor Output Islands, which have an Anglo-American "UM" but no USPS and US military postal sites, which have USPSs ( "AA", "AE", "AP") but no Anglo-American state. United States Postal Service has introduced a series of capital letter shortcuts to support the processing of postal items using visual and other automatic devices.

16 ] There are also USPS shortcuts for other parts of the adress, such as streets (street, alley, etc.). This is the same acronym as the division number for each of the fifty countries according to the standard EN1666-2. There is no conflict between these passwords and the 13 sub-national postal identifiers.

In November 1969, the Nebraska access codes were amended from NL to NE to prevent conflicts with New Brunswick. U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) uses a two character sentence for ship numbers;[19] 39 states and the District of Columbia have the same USPS and USSCG acronyms. USSCG codes have also been introduced for five remote areas; all are the same as USPS codes except for the Marianas.

Twelve cases in which the USPS and USCG codes differ are shown below and highlighted in the above chart in green. Community of Northern Mariana Islands. www.doi.gov. Geopolitical units, names and codes standard". The Palmyra Atoll is an disorganized U.S. area that used to be part of Hawaiian soil.

The U.S. Armed Forces - Americas includes the Caribbean and excludes the United States, Canada and Greenland. The former USPS CM for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is out of date; it was amended to MP in 1988 to comply with the requirements of the standard 2004. The former USPS NB for Nebraska is now outdated; it was amended to NE in November 1969 to prevent confusions with New Brunswick, Canada.

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