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People and places you will meet all have stories to tell about the history of New Zealand. Art & Heritage Jobs in New Zealand.

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As soon as we have dealt with your request, we will send you a member package with your personal member-ticket. Arrangements we have made with all our affiliates and member privilege suppliers requires the submission of a current member ID. You may not have your subscription verified electronically or otherwise.

If you would rather complete your transactions by telephone, facsimile or post, please do not hesitate to do so. You can use the member registration sheet {{{ (!formIsValid(hptFrm) && "not valid" ||| "valid") }}. Before sending the questionnaire, please verify the information you provided. In order to guarantee your safety, the cardholder data is sent via a safe paymentserver.

It is denominated in New Zealand Dollar. No refunds will be made for memberships. You must present a current member voucher to receive all the advantages and advantages of your members. When your cardholder is used by the Banks of New Zealand, Westpac or a non-New Zealand account, you may see a pop-up window (3D secure) after you enter your cardholder information into the on-line payments system.

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