Hawaiian Island Archipelago

group of Hawaiian islands

Faerromanganese crust from the Hawaiian Archipel-I. Areas of investigation in the north

Analytical chemistry and mineralogy have been carried out on specimens of ferromanganous crust from select sea mountains and island hillsides of the Hawaiian Archipelago to identify the origins and area of deposit. Most of the encrustations obtained from the northerly study areas are simply blends of hydrogen-containing precipitation and detritus, while the substrata mirror a multitude of starting substances and deposit ingamates.

In both the R-mode and Q-mode parameter analyses of the mass scale chemistry results, three determinants are shown: hydrogen (Mn, Co, Ni, V, Ca, Pb), detailed (Si, Al, Fe, Ti, K) and hydrothermal (Mn, Mg, Cd, Zn, Ba), which together represent >90% of the specimen var. Anomalies are identified by Pinnacle's Northeastern cleft axes of the Gardner Pinnacles; and a manjiroite-rich rust of likely dagenetic origins, which also has abnormally low REE frequencies compared to the prevailing vernaditic hydrogen incrustations.

Mn and associated thermocouples (Ni, Co, V, Pb) show declining concentration over the investigated period of 0.8-3.2 km with increased sea level, while Fe, Si, Al and other detritus-associated thermocouples show opposite tendencies. Descriptive descriptions of the profile depths: A method for the production of crustaceans comprising: (1) the effect of hydrogen on the flat crustaceans, which declines in a linear manner with increased deepness; and (2) the effect of detailed effects due to sub marine and subserial decomposition of seamounts and islet basalt and hyaloclasts, which grows in a linear manner with increased deepness and thins the hydrogen-containing encrustation feed.

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