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In this section you will find population maps and thematic maps of drug abuse prevention for the State of Hawaii. Card balance: Jim Irwin on en.wikipedia. Magazines like these were important in providing information about Hawaii to local and foreign Japanese.

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3. Seventy-five sq. mls. Inhabitants 25 years and older in Anahola: In Anahola CDP for the population aged 15 and over: 63 inhabitants are native to other countries (2. 0% Asia, 0. 9% Oceania, 0. 4% Europe). After our searches of Hawaii and other state registers there were 7 recorded sexual criminals who have been in Anahola, Hawaii since July 8, 2018.

In Anahola, the proportion of the population to the number of sexual criminals is 278 to 1. 50,000+: Ewa, HI (99. 3 mile, popular: 272,328). 1,000,000+: Los Angeles, CA (2610. 7 mile, 3,694,820 inhabitants). Kapaa, HI (2. 1 miles), Wailua, HI (2. 5 miles), Wailua Homesteads, HI (2. 7 miles), Kilauea, HI (2. 8 miles), Kalihiwai, HI (2. 9 miles), Hanamaulu, HI (3. 3 miles), Lihue, HI (3. 5 miles), Princeville, HI (3. 5 miles).

The historic seismic activities in the Anahola region are slightly below the Hawaiian averages. It' 72% less than the US overall averages. Kauai County (7) has fewer catastrophes than the US mean (13). Hospital and health centres near Anahola: Colleges / Colleges with over 2000 undergraduates near Anahola: That' s clearly better than normal.

That' s clearly better than normal. nine leagues from the centre of town. Typical domestic size: Proportion of families: Proportion of homes with single partners: Aww Kauai County:3. Hawaii:2. Number of this district: 0. Ahao Kauai County:2. Hawaii:1. Casa Scotia:0. Overall averages of the condition of your gum and teeth: Typical BMI: Typical nighttime sleep hours:

Avarage deafness: hearing: The top districts from which the taxpayer moved to this province between 2010 and 2011: The top districts to which the taxpayer has moved between 2010 and 2011: Most powerful AM station in Anahola: The most powerful FM radios in Anahola: Television station around Anahola: Anahola' lists of deadly accidents:

Potable gas supply points with an address in Anahola that have not declared any violations: Hawaiian Anahola in comparison to the state of Hawaii: Proportion of the African breed clearly below the national averages. Proportion of the population generated abroad is significantly below the national mean. Letting rate below the national averages. The length of time spent since move-in is well above the national mean. The number of tertiary level under the national mean.

Proportion of the population with a Bachelor's or higher education than the national averages. Annahola on our top lists: 93 on the top 101 towns with the most inhabitants of Oceania, n.i.e. (over 500 inhabitants). 101 (96703) on the Top 101 Postal Code with the highest proportion of Portugese ancestors" #3 on the Top 101 Circles with the smallest female averages" #23 on the Top 101 Circles with the highest proportion of inhabitants who practiced last month" #39 on the Top 101 Circles with the highest number of persons without medical insurances in 2000 (Pop. 50,000+)".

68 on the top 101 districts with the highest percentages of votes for Obama (Democrat) in the 2012 presidential elections" #70 on the top 101 districts with the highest percentages of people who have drunk booze in the last 30 days" There are 2 drivers and 3 other aviators in this town.

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