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Henward, University of Hawaii. Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Commerce.

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The STC is an active supporter of the coalition's interest groups in the switch from the use of natural resources. These include the provision of teaching material on oil-reducing technology, alternate motor vehicles and fashion changes, the organisation and conduct of training sessions and activities, and assistance in finding and obtaining funding for programmes, gear and infrastructures.

You as a shareholder demonstrate your dedication to the Hawaiian sustainability transport mission and give your organisation new ways to innovation towards more sustainability in transport model. Government bodies, companies, non-profit organisations, fleet operators, and even individual citizens are welcome as members of the joint venture.

Through their membership in the alliance, organisations and individual members are expressing their commitment to the STCH and the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Programme to promote Hawaii's overall efforts to promote Hawaii's overall safety in the fields of power, economics and the environment by promoting and adopting policies that mitigate the use of oil for transhipment. It also shows its commitment to STCH's commitment to the Hawaiian transport sector, where a wider variety of high-quality alternative modes of transport are available - and where all cars are run on renewables.

Organisations or individual members of the co-alition are not committed to supporting fixed benchmarking or time frames to achieve this vision or any of the strategies, policies or programmes of STC. Organisations or individual persons interested in becoming members of STC may do so by filling out and sending in an STC Co-alition Agreement application document.

Hawaii Council for Distributed Energy Resources

is a 501-c-6 non-profit organisation devoted to the design of shared power assets, dynamic consumption control, shared network service and intelligent network solution for a dependable and viable power feed. The DERC is working to find constructively and proactively ways to develop cleaner power that provide adequate balancing mechanism for the contribution made to the power network by shared power sources, consumption patterns and smart-grid enterprises.

The DERC is involved in governmental legislation and regulation fora with the express intention of working with all those interested in working together for a cleaner tomorrow for the world.

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