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The Hawaii Information Service

With HIS REsearch MLS Search you get the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information directly to your mobile phone! These include the development and dissemination of labour market information and support for jobseekers, workers and employers to facilitate labour development. Trustworthy MLS listing information and public records are considered reliable, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

HIS REsearch MLS Search the App Store

With HIS REsearch MLSearch you get the most precise and up-to-date property information directly to your mobile telephone! By Hawaii Information Service, HIS REsearch MLS search, you have full availability of all properties for purchase and MLS offers on Kauai and Hawaii Island area. You can use HIS REsearch MLS Find at any time and from anywhere to find houses for resale near you using your local location, or to find houses by street name, town, or postcode.

Has REsearch MLS Search shows you all the detail you want to know about a real estate, inclusive of cost, space, estimated mortgages, tax, features, description, images, cards and more! Store your favourite properties for later viewing. Alternatively, you can send an SMS or e-mail to your loved ones and your loved ones. But I know there are Listings in my area because I use other applications and see sign all over the place of properties for sale.

Up to six members of the group can use this application.

The Herald Salutes - Hawaii Information Services, Colleen Yasuhara

He has been appointed to the position of the Chief Operational Director of Hawaii Information Service, a Honolulu-based property firm serving as a multi-tiered listings service for Kaua'i and Hawai'i Island and a major nationwide supplier of government record keeping services. Mr. Yasuhara was previously VP of Sale and General Director of the Group.

Since 2007 she has been working for the Hawaii Information Service. Mr. Yasuhara recently led a significant IT upgrades and continued to manage HIS's IT infrastructures, as well as led our commercial and commercial operations, large scale project management, non-profit activities and products underwriting. Their advancement by CEO Faith Geronimo was authorized by the Hawaii Information Service Executive Committee at its April session.

The Hawaii Information Service is RESO Platinum certified

The Hawaii Information Service has teamed up with a selected group of MLS vendors across Germany to obtain Platinum accreditation from the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). HIS is one of only six SDLSs that have received this highest certificate for the latest release of RESO's Data Dictionary standar. All about RESOs?

Using a shared voice that is used by all property information handling sys-tems, companies such as MLSes, brokerage firms, service companies and property development companies can comprehend and work with property information without being "trained" to comprehend the information of each individual. IDX search, web portal, CRM system and other collaboration utilities with any type of vendor can be developed to make it easier for any client to use.

How does being EMAS approved mean? As a result, your MLS system is independently validated to comply with or surpass industrial standard requirements. Certification confirms the system's compatibility with all other RESO-compliant systems and guarantees that the information complies with common industrial definition, structure and methodologies. All about platinum certification

Various stages of the process have been set to recognise those that meet more than the core requirements: Bronze, silver, gold and plate. The highest possible standard of certifications at which all datafields are conform. Out of more than 600 RESO-certified SLSs in the country, only about 100 have reached PGP and only six have done so for the latest release (1.6) of the ADS.

So what does RESO have to say about HIS?

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