Hawaii Friendly Island

The Hawaii Friendly Island

Half-Maumau Crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at full moon. Hawaii is very family-friendly, I think. The people of Molokai have long promoted their island as Friendly Island, but so far not so many tourists have come to Molokai. Take a look at the beautiful Kona coast of the Great Island! The Big Island Hawaii hotels and motel rooms that allow pets or dogs.

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Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly people? Did anyone on the Hilo side of Big Island come across unkind people? We have travelled all the other isles except Oahu. We' ve never had anything other than a cordial welcome on every island.

Recently we remained in Hilo and on the first day we were greeted by the local people with very impolite remarks at the 24-hour dinner. A few years ago we spent a beautiful holiday in the area of Kona. Indeed, we made the decision that the Big Island is our favourite and that's why we came back to Hilo this year.

Whilst the island's attractions were stunning and we were enjoying our days of exploration, it seemed that our tourist attendance was being watched. Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly Guys? In general....Kona is aimed at the tourist, Hilo at the unloading of freight packages on inland vessels. In Kona and Hilo we only meet friendly folk.

They were all natives and here we rode in our own cabriolet.... it was embarrassing because we always respected the natives and try not to tread on anyone's toes. Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly people? Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly people? Newcastle - Hawaii - Friendly Folks? brightonbill's observations are very precise.....

The Hawaiian populations of Hilo are much higher than Kona....and more of a rural village than the resorts. Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly Folks? In the name of the Hilo tribe, I apologise. There is a part of the country's inhabitants who have a problem with everyone they don't know in person, not just the tourist.

I' m looking locally, talking and walking locally when I'm back in Hawaii, and I still get the random look. Coming from Hilo, I look back, but I don't recommend it to the tourist. She is a small, drowsy city with many friendly people. But, like everywhere else, there are people in Detroit who don't like foreigners.

I' ve been to Detroit and felt insecure in many areas. It' s a little depressing, with the fall in farming in Hilo, Hamakua and Puna, the island's primary income stream is touring. Wish everyone would understand, because Hilo is a good city with good, hardworking individuals and this kind of behaviour gives the whole city a notoriety.

Dinner, which you are talking about, is popular with local residents and visitors alike. Hilo's men are the "working class" and some have a need to protect their area. Also, most don't take it well when they are "down-talked", which happens to some betimes. There were many individuals I knew who were losing employment to displaced continental residents, which contributed to their acrimony.

But, as a whole, the eastern side of the island has much to boast of, and while no one would ever blame Hilo for being a health spa, most are friendly. Do not let this spoil your views of the island or the city. And on a light touch - I never go to McD's when I'm on holiday.

We drove the tipical touristic automobile to a place where all the natives were. It wasn't necessarily poor, but my husband and I felt that we weren't as welcome there as in other parts of the island.

So many terrible elders come to Hawaii and just don't respect the Hawaiian way of life, the country, the other. Stuff I've seen with my own eye would also make me want to detest foreigners. At last I realised that most Hawaiians either hug or don't like them.

Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly people? In Kauai I simply never see the "stinking eye" of many people on other isles like Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Although I've only been living there for a few years (part-time), no local people or Kama'aina (including most I don't know) ever gave me a filthy look.

I' ve seen some looks at Maui, and I won't even come to Oahu. Big Island is new to us, so I'm not sure what to look forward to yet. Whom exactly do we define as the natives with the bad'tude? Much of the alignment Hawaiian-born I knowing are astonishingly city kin and I often awareness they filming a specious pounding for state delineated as the kin giving filming vibration to land, if in information I don't believe it's them at all.

In Maui, on the other hand, I had as many Hao People who made me look as filthy as I have local people. Allowed once they talked to us, they totally altered their attitudes, so I definitely approve of the above position about the peoples believing excessively endangered (on both sides perhaps).

I' m just trying to find out who we here define as the "locals" with the mistreatment? Hawaii - Big Island - Friendly people? Many thanks to everyone for the great commentaries - especially to those from Hawaii. The best way to describe our main destination is "adventure" rather than "tourism", and the Big Island is excellent in this respect.

The stay on the Hilo site brought us more adventures and fewer newcomers. In this respect it was a marvel. Hilo vs. Kona's explanation of the business differentials gives a good idea of the audience and their views of them. In any case, we highly suggest Hilo as a basis for the thick-walled traveller looking for adventures.

For those with taste who need more touristic facilities, Kona is probably the place to stay.

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