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The Kauai travel guide We' re pleased that you are taking the opportunity to take a look at our Kauai travel guide. We would like to use your input to review a destination and exchange our experience with you. As we know that not everyone likes detailing as much as we do, our useful guide will hopefully help you get started with your holiday of your dreams!

No need to buy the $15 travel guide you can't pack in your baggage and get our extremely handy starter guide to Kauai! The guide is aimed at first-time Kauai attendees and is inspired by our own experience. There is no intention of making a complete listing of everything there is to do and see on Garden Island, so if you are planning to spend a whole weekend or less visiting, this guide will be for you!

These 4-page guide contains information about: Have a look at our other travel guides! EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY: The contents of this manual are for general information only. When you come across information in our guide that is no longer applicable, please let us know. This guide is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. However, the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

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Featuring rugged scenery, vibrant volcanos, unspoilt sandy, dark and unspoilt shores and a uniquely diverse cultural heritage, Hawaii's charm is in its stunning scenery and inviting atmosphere. One of the five major isles - Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Oahu and Kauai - offers innumerable adventure, wonderful views and indulgence.

Are you prepared and need competent travel arrangements? These are some of our favourites; many more can be made by our experts. Hawaii has something for every taste for those who are looking for something for active couple or those who want to unwind in a stylish way. Big Island and Oahu offer a range of exciting outdoor pursuits where pairs can hike together or windsurf some of the best surfing on the planet, and Maui and Lanai are known for their luxury resort and five-star services.

Explore the big island while spending the night in the luxury Four Seasons Hualalai, retreat to untouched countryside in the quaint and less sophisticated island of Lanai and pamper yourself in the island's most luxuryresort. Discover Oahu and bustling Waikiki, head to the North Shore to see how expert surfers tackle the wave, walk to Diamond Head and see Doris Duke's Shangri La.

Get to Maui for five-star spoiling and deluxe grocery shoppings, drive the curvy road to Hana, visit Haleakala Crater at dawn and take a guided tour of the whales. Unwind in Lanai at the seaside Four Seasons exclusive seaside resorts with indulgent spas and exquisite dining. Helicopter the Big Island over volcanos and hike to the falls while spending the night in the spacious Four Seasons Hualalai.

Hawaii is a great place for a great holiday, from the stunning beauties of its hot water and luxuriant islets to its Polish heritage and people. A paradise for adventurers, the five Hawaiian islets are full of rugged, unbridled beauties, varied activity and a seemingly infinite amount of nature to discover.

These are the three most important reason why you should choose us for your next journey. Together we create the ideal journey. Are you prepared and need competent travel arrangements?

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