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Whichever your interests, our Hawaii travel offers bring you close to the rich culture, picturesque surroundings and delicious food that is unique in Aloha State. Get in touch directly with agents who sailed Hawaii Cruises. Click here to see our travel offers. Sites with the term Hawaii, which refer to holiday offers or cheap flights from Vancouver (YVR). Pagina > Offers > Special flight offers > Cheap fares to Hawaii.

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Check with any guidebook to find the best for Hawaii and the response will no doubt be the same: Go to the beaches! In Oahu alone, 112-mile on the coast, visitors can windsurf on Waikiki Bay or take a bath in the flat Laguna on the magical island near by.

Cycling along the coconut coast of K'aua'i offers a first-class coastal panorama, which is difficult to walk to, while the everyday rituals at Kaanapali Beach in Maui are a major tourist highlight. Although the beauties of the sandy beach are incomparable, there is much more to do on Hawaii's beach than just lounging.

Take a trip into the crystalline water and snorkel between a sunken oil vessel in the deep blue reef of Shipwreck Strand or explore the falls and swims of the seven holy Maui swimming pools. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Shipwreck State. There are a number of activities in the interior to beautify the day on the shore, from observing the volcano's lavastream from Kilauea to the ocean, to discovering the rainforest and open valley around Kualoa Ranch, an open cow shelter.

Although its pristine splendour can be one of the most praised things about Hawaii, the residents are also fortunate to be sharing their ancestry.

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