Hawaii Atoll

The Hawaii Atoll

The Kure Atoll is the northwesternmost of the northwestern Hawaiian islands and also the northernmost coral atoll in the world. MIDWOODAY ATOLL, Papah?naumoku?kea, Hawaii, Pacific (Credit: Kris Krüg/. The Kure Atoll is the most remote of the northwestern Hawaiian Islands and the northernmost coral atoll in the world.

BUZZARDS OF KURE ATOLL, HAWAII. Atoll Wildlife Sanctuary, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI).

Cure Atoll on the Northwestern Islands of Hawaii

The Kure Atoll is the most northwestern of the northwestern islands of Hawaii and also the most northern atoll of corals in the whole wide Northwest. Aka K?nemiloha'i in the hawaiian tongue, the atoll has a 10 km wide atoll with a round barriere and a flat sandy island in the middle.

The distance to the neighbouring Midway Atoll is about 55 mile ('89 km). The only major landmass in the atoll, Green Island is home to tens of thousand of seabirds, among them storm birds, tropic birds, boobies, shearing waters, frigate birds, tern, albatross and toadies. Its highest point is 6 metres above the surface.

Prior to 1827, about half a half twentieth vessels came to the Kure Atoll and gave the atoll a different name each year. From 1837 several crew members on the atoll were wrecked after their vessels ran aground on the atoll surrounded reef. There they were sometimes beached for up to nine month and ate tortoises, monkey seal and bird to live while building a smaller ship that found its way back to the main islands of Hawaii.

To this day, the wrecks on the atoll are still preserved, as are some of Hawaii's oldest known wrecks, the USS Saginaw (1870) and the whaling ship Parker (1842). When the ship was wrecked, King Kalakaua sent Colonel James Boyd as his special envoy to Kure and took over the atoll in 1886.

The Kure Atoll was rented for Guanos in 1894, but was never mined here. In 1989 the USA bought Kure Atoll as part of the territory of Hawaii. 20 years later, in 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt made Kure part of the Hawaii Bird Sanctuary. One U.S. Coast Guard LORAN stop was on Green Iceland and a small reef launch remained on the Iceland.

Although the Kure Atoll is located far northerly of the main islands of Hawaii and in relatively cold water, there is still a great deal of fauna. Indeed, 28 types of corals are recorded. The atoll is constantly threatened by the naval ruins, because the atoll is on the way of a big pacific-currents.

The atoll is filled with tonnes of rubble, which represents a danger of turtle, black seal, lobster and bird entanglements on the reef and beach. The wreckage is made up of fishnets and lighter, often devoured by poultry whose skeleton is often found with plastics in their stomach.

The atoll was cleared of 2,700 lbs of rubble in 2003.

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