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The Hawaii Tourism Authority - Homepage We will be on Kaua'i, Garden Island, preparing the dinner for the summers with Anaina Hou's Director of Operations Collin Darrell at 2:00 pm in the afternoon on We Share Hawaii! In the HTA's We share Hawai'i Curator range, this is part of a set of talksessions with community professionals from our popular Hawaii iPhone game.

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The Kilauea Volcano: Lavastrom destroyed 82 Hawaiian homes and tourism

One Hawaiian road was transformed into a vulcanic wastelands by a flood of melted rocks, with 82 structures devastated by the Kilauea Volcan. Demolition, which will include 37 houses, has struck the Leilani states housing deployment on the eastern tip of the Hawaii Big Island.

About 2,200 hectares of farmland have been burned by volcanic ash since May 3rd, one of the most serious disturbances the vulcano has created in a hundred years. Marzo wrote a Facebook movie showing Kaupuli Street and a glassy dark filed of moonlight on which his cousin's home was standing. Marzo said he learned from a US Geological Survey (USGS) surveyor that much more would come from Kilauea.

"It is this flood of volcanic rock that ascends and floods the fringes and continues to move forward." Some 37 lavas are already protected, i.e. they are not accessable and persons who do not extract can be enclosed by creeks. Those who have not escaped the streams risk being constricted by 9 metre high creeks.

of Hawaii Land Civilian Defense said: Meanwhile, an incandescent clouds of sand, which the vulcano sent into the atmosphere about 3,048 metres, has caused the government to issue a warning to those who live south-west of Kilauea that the winds could be carrying cinders. Although devastation by the vulcano is limited to an area of about 10 square kilometres, the outbreak has affected the island's tourists' business, as prospective tourists are concerned that the Kilauea peak will be plunged by dust or vulcanic dust.

According to Ross Birch, director of the island's tourist association, the number of tourists to the islands in 2018 will be "slightly lower" than in 2017. He said the cancelling of several harbour calls by cruisers could be costing $3m (£2.25m) in tourism wasted.

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