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Wonderfully situated and impressively equipped, it is the perfect gateway to the wonderful boat and sailing areas of the Hauraki Gulf. Hauraki Gulf is also covered, including Great Barrier Island. MPA Hauraki Golf process The Hauraki Gulf Marina Park Authority, the Auckland Council and interest groups have made a courageous effort to work together to achieve integral plans for the Hauraki Gulf area. On 6 December 2016, after four years, the country's first maritime space map was published as a government recommandation for use.

The SeaChange project implemented the use of an on-line cartography tool with a suite of tools designed for the California Marine Protected Areas design programme. This has proven to be an important tool in providing space information and to facilitate the use of resources for the involvement of the general population and the various working groups.

Visit the SeaSketch Hauraki Gulf on-line map website to see 67 levels of information used in the space planing processes. Has the Sea Change Programme achieved the goal of nature protection? However, preservation interests were skeptical about the issues of the trial and the results. Whilst most agree that a high level of participation is needed for something as important and important as integral land use and land use management for a place like Hauraki Golf with so many people and interests, it all comes down to the results, and now the government has to assess the advice.

Doubts have been raised about the conservational aspect of the trial, which is dealt with in the long, complicated trial rather ad-hoc. Concern has also been raised about the absence of special objectives for the results of the nature and relatively small area of land that is ultimately fully protected by maritime protected areas (Type 1 protection).

One recent Stuff website paper talks about these issues and features an interviewer with Dr. Roger Grace, who was part of the Sea Change trial. As part of his work, Roger presented a progress review setting out the importance of marine sites for the development plan and recommending and designing a prestigious ecosystem of sites that meets the objectives and policies of conservationism.

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