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Cape Brett Bay of Islands Cape Brett "Hole in the Rock" Kreuzfahrt. Cape Brett - Whangaruru & Whangamumu. Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand: The Mercury Islands, Mercury Bay and Great Barrier Island

This is the new, renamed issue of the Hauraki Gulf Boating Atlas by the same name. This issue begins with an introductory course in New Zealand and especially the Gulf region, with a brief explanation of the harbour entrance from oversee. This issue includes all available maps for Waitemata Harbour and Tamaki River and double-sided layout for areas such as the Broken Islands Passage at Great Barrier, Rangitoto Channel, Kawau Bay and other areas that are benefiting from a bigger display.

In an introduction section, the FM wireless channel for Gulf region locations and information on meteorological conditions for which the Gulf is particularly suitable in New Zealand are presented.

Marine drills in Hauraki Gulf and in the bay of plenty

New Zealand's defence force will conduct two major multi-lateral marine drills in Hauraki Gulf and the Bay of Plenty in the run-up to the INCNR. Defense Minister Gerry Brownlee says the drills, Nga Tahi and Mahi Tangaroa, are aimed at maximizing education opportunities through the attendance of vessels and staff from at least 15 navy nations.

"Mahi Tangaroa exercise is the ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) Experts' Working Group on Maritime Security Fieldraining Exercise, in which the marines taking part will catch fictional menaces on New Zealand's borders," says Brownlee. "Exercise Nga Tahi offers tailor-made trainings for International Naval Review students who are not part of ADMM-Plus and for the ASEAN Marine asset that is not part of the Mahi Tangaroa exercise.

New Zealand Yachting

The site deals with New Zealand in general and has an index to our own sails in the Hauraki Gulf, the Bay of Islands and the Coastal Passage between them and to Whagaroa Harbour in detail inclusive bandwithreducing. Auckland is known as the city of sails and New Zealand is very well known.

While there are many areas where there are berths and marinas, the only areas where guests can enjoy easy chartering are the Hauraki Gulf (Auckland), the Bay of Islands in the north and within the Marlborough Sound on the tip of South Island. Hauraki Golf must be the major center, where we have already hired several of them.

It' s hard to tell the Hauraki Gulf's dimensions - it is 1500 sq. m. and the Auckland to Great Barrier Island crossing lasts 6 hrs, which is longer than from the UK to the Canal Islands and Great Barrier is larger than Guernsey. Its overall area is similar to that of the British Canal, but is only open at one end of the Pacific Ocean, past the Great Barrier Island.

Two years ago, our journey to Great Barrier via Kawau Island was 76 sea-mile for the two stages and took almost 20 hrs under sails, while the return journey down the Coromandel coastline and the return journey via Waiheke Island was more than twice as long. On the Bay of Islands (BoI), where we began to cruise, is much smaller, but one of the most scenic areas in New Zealand.

It' perfect for the first while chartering, as the inner area is very protected, but there are tens of islets and secure secluded beaches to exploring before they even get into the bulk of the Bay of lslands, which is still relatively protected. In order to give the Bay of lslands a map, the area' map (NZ5124) is about 14 x 9 sea-mile and the inner part of the isle is about half as large as in each area.

On the inner isles I think you can reach a maximum of 6 Nm in a line. If you are on a 3 or 4 day cruise, or if you are relatively unexperienced, you may be asked to stick to the bay itself, and it is common to call Russell Radio (Channel 63) when you go and when you do so.

There is a large part of the coastline with the Cavalli Islands (only possible as a daily excursion) on longer charter trips and with appropriate experiences, up to Whangaroa Harbour 30 Nm up the coastline and Mangonui approx. 40 Nm (depending on the charter company and boat). On the other hand, the borders will almost certainly reach Whangarei - halfway to Hauraki Gulf.

There are many companies operating from both the Gulf and the bay and you can be insured for the entire voyage with a longer charters. Three are Marlborough Sound on the top of South Island, where it is possible to rent from several places, so far we have only visited a part of the huge compound, which is said to have a 1500 km long coast and some of New Zealand's most dramatic landscapes.

In 2008 we first started to sail in the Sound area when we were chartering from Waikawa near Picton from CharterLink Marlborough, which gave us immediate entry to Queen Charlotte Sound. All the other big sail noises, the Pelorus and Kenepuru tones, can be achieved through a brief stretch of coast through the Cook Straight when the conditions are fine, but not the storm strength we are experiencing a part of our age.

The relatively protected areas of sea offer demanding sail opportunities and are comparable in scale to the Bay of Islands, with the added possibility of cruising down the Tory Canal to see the remnants of the old whale sanctuary accompanied by the ferryboats between the islands. However, anchorage is tricky because the shoreline drops almost into 30 or more meters of sea, so CharterLink Marlborough has a number of anchor berths in place and has easy entry to some clubs.

Return to North Island: When you have a long charters, it is possible to make the journey along the coastline between the Bay of Islands and the Hauraki Gulf if the meteorological condition is good. These two are divided by 2 latitudes, so that the total speed is about 150 Nm, of which 120 Nm are exposed Pacific seas.

When planning such a journey, keep in mind that the route from Whangarei to Kawau Island is the biggest challenge (45 Nm) - a very long and screw hole-free days in all weathers. After starting in the Bay of Islands, we went to the Gulf.

For the first occasion we took a brief excursion down the coastline to Whangamumu, while on a brief, spontaneous charters in a Moorings Hunter 336 we followed our first gulf cruise with a charters link. Next year we expanded our knowledge with much more difficult meteorological situations in the Gulf, where we made the journey to Great Barrier Island in the Raven 31 "Largesse" Charterlink.

Until then, we had coastal efforts and both Charterlink and Moorings prematurely demonstrated their trust in our capacity to push each of their vessels to the limit of their range - hastily, as they never see one from start to finish of a cruise. The year 2000 was the first year in which we explored the Bay of Islands in both direction.

During the fortnightly Charta we had a lot of space to get out and take advantage of all the beautiful coves, sandy shores and islandwalk. North to Whangaroa, past the Cavalli Islands and especially south to Whangaruru (25 Nm on the route), so that we only had the distance between Whangaruru and north of Kawau, which was not known.

We recently chartered Raven from Charterlink, who mainly work in Hauraki Gulf, but also have some (about 6 in high season) vessels in the BoI. We' ve used it 6x in the Gulf, twice with a Carpenter 29 and since then with Raven 29s - see the recent report - see the bottom of this page.

They were in different guardians this year - Rob Thexton is not only a very seasoned yachtsman himself, but also has significant commercial capabilities and a great passion for Charterlink. During 2001 and 2002 we rented the Raven 31 named "Latitude 55", which, like all Charterlink boats, was in private ownership but was not needed by the yachtboss.

Following some difficulties remaining from the last charters, she was sailing very well for us and we made the coast pass a second one. It was a pleasure to have Largesse available again, newly lacquered and with new padding, when we circumnavigated the Hauraki Golf for the third year in 2004 and drove to Great Barrier Island.

By 2005 we have reached another destination and brought Largesse to the Mercury Islands. We made the coastline in both directions to the Bay of Islands with Largesse in 2006. In 2007 we had only 8 working nights and only brought Largesse to Great Barrier Island. In 2008 we had two sail seasons, first a whole weeks Waiheke and the Coromandel to meet Jenny and Kev's, new for them, Piver Lodestar Trimaran, Shanti.

Our first 9 day Marlborough Sound tour was in a Raven 31, Zigzag, by Charterlink Marlborough. Then we had two great years on Shanti in 2009 and 2010, which included the trip to the Bay of Islands and back. From then on our cruising on Shanti is limited to short tours around the Hauraki Gulf, only one of which is noteworthy for a special description.

An index of our experience in sailing:

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