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Chronicle of the under water damages in the Bay of Hanalei

Big trunks, wooden fragments and other rubble scatter the bay of Hanalei. In Hanalei Bay algae die from sludge and other rubble on them. Tyres, timber and other rubble from the tide are now contaminating the hard water in Hanalei Bay, according to a local. Sludge and rubble cover the algae in the bay of Hanalei.

MANALEI - Mud suffocates the corals in the bay of Hanalei, so a inhabitant who has discovered the local corals on Saturday. In many of the flood-affected areas of Kauai, the State Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Aquatic Resources was unable to get into the sea to control the corals.

Terry Lilley, who lives in Hanalei, documented what he says under water, is a 95 per cent sludge cover over the coral in the area. At the Hanalei River, Lilley said he has conducted studies showing high levels of counterfeit metals, even though the State Ministry of Health has not proved the sludge or incrustations.

As Lilley said, images he made of the cove show a muddy coral that is covered with timber and hoops, pipes and other waste flushed into the cove by the flood. The Black Pot was demolished in half when the Hanalei River was inundated during the rain, with a large hole in the ground tearing apart the Weke Road just before the other.

Toilets that once existed in Black Pot Beach are now torn down. The three cars dumped in the garden and hidden in the sludge were taken out.

Continuous movement on the single-lane motorway in Hanalei

MANALEI - Shortly before a one-way viaduct between Haena and Wainiha on Friday afternoons a long line of cars began to build. Inhabitants and non-state laborers waited to be accompanied on the Kuhio Highway along a single-lane itinerary. There was a large trunk on one side of the street, while the mountains were covered in rubble and mud.

Building machines and street staff were busy clearing and repairing the street. A lot of people on the north coast sighs with ease over the restricted entrance to the street. The Kauai County Emergency Management Agency grants admission by means of a poster system. County Kauai spokesman Kim Tamaoka said about 625 posters were handed out to the villagers and about 180 were handed out to non-governmentalists.

There is a great deal of work that still needs to be done for full entry to the area, but Tim Sakahara, spokesman for the Hawaii Department of Transportation, said plants to provide resident admission have gone well. It is a delicate balance act to carry out the repairs quickly and give the inhabitants easy entry.

"I think they are grateful for this approach and the opportunity to have companions around," he said. Entrance is limited only to cars such as limousines, S. U.V. and pickups with a weight of no more than 10,000lbs. The occupants must observe the companions and regulations during the trip, and the entrance depends on the meteo.

Most of the work, Sakahara said, is removing tonnes of rubble from the floods and fixing damage associated with the ash. HDOT currently estimates the overall costs of repair for this part of the street at $40 million. They are working with the Federal Roads Administration to ensure the funding for the projects.

"We are very thankful to our German partners," he said. "We would like to thank once again the co-ordination with the shire, the German Federation, the contractor and all parties concerned on the north bank of Kauai. Everyone coordinates the effort to be in the right places," Sakahara said. When the motorway is scheduled to open for the long term, Sakahara said it was still looking at a three to four month time line.

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