Guam Tourist Attractions Photos

Pictures of Guam Tourist Attractions

You can upload your best fireworks photo to this week. Pictures courtesy of the Guam Visitors Bureau. Shared ties connect Japan, Guam love capes.

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Guam continues to be a tourist destination

One tourist shoots a sundown at the Terraza Cafe and Grill, a local eatery in Guam's countryside, on Monday, August 14th. A lot of Tibetans were on holiday on the US Pacific Ocean just a few day after being endangered by Kim Jong Un, the F├╝hrer of the United States. On Sunday, August 13, the Guam Museum is open to the public.

The tourist industry has an important part to play in Guam's economic development, and many people visiting the islands come from Korea and Japan. On Monday, August 14th, a tourist from Korea looks out of a small ship during a trip to see them. Photographs of North Koreans while swimming past them. There is a baby looking at a catch of the day on Monday 14 August.

Guests at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort benefit from a large indoor bath. The coconuts are a sample of some of the coconuts that the Koreans have received from a local salesman in front of the Guam Museum. Koreans are resting while waiting for a return trip on Tuesday 15 August.

#InstaGuam is launched by GVB

Guam Visitors Bureau has started its Visit Guam 2018 campaignfor. #InstaGuam - the Isle as " the ideal holiday spot for those special occasions and reminiscences you can share on your favorite sites in the world", it says in a press spread. "The dynamism of this new advertising drive follows the successful "Only in Guam" and "Year of Love" and really incorporates aspects that have helped us to promote our paradise on the island," said GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight.

It will provide incentive and sightseeing for inhabitants and tourists. She is planning artwork and #InstaGuam cameras around the archipelago at places like Ypao Beach, Two Lovers Point and Inarajan Pools. There is a week-long competition for those who want to enter their best #instaGuam photos or videos for $100.

You will be able to post your best firework picture on this time. To keep up with everything, join the Guam Visitors Bureau on Instagram @visitguamusa, Facebook @visitguam, Twitter @visitguam and Snapchat @visitguam and YouTube @Guam Visitors Bureau to keep up with everything #InstaGuam. You can find photos and video by browsing the hash tags #instaGuam and #visitguam2018.

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